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Amy Schumer & Carrie Underwood Are Every Pregnant Person in These Pics

For some, pregnancy is a beautiful thing — a magical time full of joy, optimism and unbridled excitement. But for others, it is difficult. Scratch that: hella hard. And the greatest pregnancy annoyance may well be simply bending over… and tying your shoes. At least, according to Amy Schumer and Carrie Underwood, the preggo shoe-tying struggle is real.

Schumer and Underwood have both endured their fair share of real pregnancy struggles: The comedian has been battling hyperemesis gravidarum for months and, earlier this year, Underwood admitted she had three miscarriages, but that doesn’t mean the pair is enjoying every other moment.

The standup comic and country crooner both recently posted on Instagram about facing common pregnancy pains and difficulties. In Schumer’s post, the star of Inside Amy Schumer shared a pic of her younger sister tying her shoe.

“Happy new year to the women in my life and yours,” Schumer wrote. “What would we be without our friends? Nothin. Here is my sister [Kim Caramele] tying my dumb shoe. Women, we are amazing and our love for each other is so deep. Let’s continue to link arms this year and move forward. All of us.”

And while Underwood’s post was not New Year-related, she shared a similar struggle — and sentiment. “I can no longer tie my own shoes,” Underwood wrote. “So glad I have such sweet helpers!”

Both of these posts garnered a lot of attention. Schumer’s was liked over 200,000 times and Underwood’s over a million. But the reason they received so much engagement wasn’t because fellow ‘grammers wanted to see them struggle, it was because they so related to said struggle. Plenty of followers commented along the lines of, “ha! I remember that stage of pregnancy so well!”

The good news is that the aches and pains of pregnancy do not last. Eventually, pregnancy ends (we hope?!). But hey, while your favorite preggo is still struggling through it, consider this your friendly reminder to lend them a hand in lacing up their kicks.

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