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A Brother Called Out His Sister For Breastfeeding at His Wedding & Reddit is Coming For Him Hard

A brother took to Reddit to share his annoyance over his sister’s public breastfeeding — and received zero sympathy. The Reddit user began by explaining that his sister breastfeeds “wherever she goes” — from parks to restaurants. Despite his apparent irritation over this, he has not complained to her because he was worried that she would get offended. However, when she began feeding her child at his wedding, the user snapped.

“I kindly approached her and asked her why she didn’t bring formula or at least pump milk out and put it in the bottle so she wouldn’t have to do all this at that moment,” he wrote. “She said ‘because I don’t have to. I feel comfortable breastfeeding. Getting milk out on my own is more painful.’” He responded by telling her that she should have compromised and not breastfed at his wedding, in front of all his guests. Now, his wife and other family members are saying that he should apologize to his sister. Pretty much everyone, he explained, thinks he was being an a**hole. So, he turned to Reddit for feedback.

“The only reason I decided to call her out is because I considered it a bad etiquette and tacky to do that at a formal event and that she could just find another solution for that night. AITA?” he asked.

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