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Zac Efron and Nina Dobrev Try to Get Brad Pitt's Fight Club Abs in New Workout Video

Holy abs!

In his second-ever YouTube video, Zac Efron introduced his weekly Gym Time w/ Zac Efron show where he plans to “train with celebrities, athletes, and interesting people” on a mission to get to know them and their aspirations.

His first guest was actress Nina Dobrev and together their goal was to get closer to getting Brad Pitt’s iconic, washboard abs from Fight Club.

The first part of their workout was led by Vitru Trainer Johnny Fontana, who guided them through a series of workouts that targeted their butt and abs.

“We are doing side bends next, it’s all obliques,” Fontana tells Dobrev, 30, and Efron, 31, in the video, explaining that’s how to obtain “the Brad Pitt in Fight Club muscles.”

The movement calls for the pair to lie on a bench, hip right up near the edge with their torso hanging off. The exercise is similar to a side-crunch but lets the torso fall below the bench until their head nearly touches the floor, and uses their obliques to crunch back up with a slight twist. Fontana explains the exercise step-by-step in a video on Vitru’s Instagram page.

“Brad Pitt wouldn’t quit,” Efron chants while visibly and audibly struggling with the exercise. “Holy s—.”

He and Dobrev did 15 repetitions of the exercise three times.

“Fifteen reps and he literally turned into Brad Pitt,” The Vampire Diaries alum jokes as Efron pulled up his shirt to show off his chiseled abs after the exercise. “That wasn’t there before.”

The pair completed a long list of workouts with different trainers — pausing at times to talk about Dobrev’s recent Safari experiences and outlook on exercising — before ending with a cryo-sauna and rapid-fire Q&A.

Earlier this year, the Fam star faced some body-shaming on Instagram after she shared a photo of herself from the 5thAnnual Hollywood Beauty Awards wearing a black one-shoulder Michael Kors dressed. Some followers claimed she looked “anorexic.” Dobrev responded to the negative comments, not letting them go unchecked.

“Eating everything and working out (which I do) is the healthy solution for people who have problems,” she wrote. “Body shaming people on the other hand is NOT healthy and very rude.”

Efron started his YouTube channel last week, and plans to post weekly videos for two different series, Gym Time and Off the Grid, which will document his travels and training.

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