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Your bedding material may be key in keeping cool at night

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While sunny days that continue long after work might seem like a dream during daytime, the high temperatures can quickly turn into a nightmare when you are ready to call it a day. 

If your bedroom feels more like a sauna than an oasis of calm at the moment, it might be time to switch to different bedding, according to bedding experts at Happy Beds.

“Conventional bedding materials, with their synthetic fibres and chemical treatments, can create an unfavourable sleep environment, hampering our ability to relax and unwind,” they said.

What’s more, opting for two specific bedding materials could keep you cool at night and help you sleep soundly again.

Wool bed linen

The thought of thick wool in your bed during a heatwave might seem like the last thing you want, but this material is actually ideal for people who overheat at night.

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The experts said: “Wool bedding can easily absorb up to 30 percent of its weight in moisture without feeling damp as its fibres absorb water. 

“A benefit to this is that it helps to keep you warm in a colder room and cool in a warmer room.”

Don’t just take the experts’ word for it, as research from the University of Sydney also backs this natural material.

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Looking at eight healthy volunteers, the research team compared wool, cotton and synthetic bedding at hot, neutral and cold temperatures.

The findings showed that wool was linked to a deeper and longer sleep, with the difference being the highest at most extreme temperatures.

Silk bedding

Similarly to wool, silk bedding is “great” at regulating temperature despite how thin it feels. 

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The experts said: “Another great benefit is that silk is very lightweight, and this, in turn, makes it very breathable. 

“This means that it will help keep your temperature down as you sleep.

“It’s also pretty absorbent, but you’ll likely need to take care when washing it, as water can weaken the fibres.”

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