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You AirPods Will Never Fall Out Again Thanks To These Genius Hooks

If you own a pair of AirPods (and, tbh, who doesn’t at this point?), odds are you’ve spent a decent amount of your time pushing them in, twisting and turning, and overall readjusting to ensure they don’t pop out. And, yet, if you’ve ever struggled through an a.m. commute without your beloved ‘pods, you’re now positive all that repositioning was well worth it. Bottom line? AirPods: Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

Here to ease all this earpiece fuss, however, are—drum roll please—EarBuddyz 2.0 Ear Hooks, silicone covers for your earbuds that grip the inside grooves of your ears and promise to keep your ’em in place.

Made of ultra-soft and premium silicone, EarBuddyz 2.0 boast an ability to make your AirPods comfortable no matter how long they’re in for—yes, even for that entire marathon (or more!). Plus, by adding an extra layer of material between your ear and the ‘pod, they help improve your listening experience by blocking out ambient noise. And last but certainly not least, the tiny but mighty hook gently grips and pushes up against your inner ear, so you still maintain that that sleek wireless earphone look and feel (read: no strings, no uncomfortable plastic wrapping around the back of your ear).

Available in four different colors—black, white, pink, and blue—each set of ear pod hooks and covers costs $11.95. If you think that’s a biiiit much for some silicone wrapping, the over 3,000 positive reviews are here to help you think again:

These earbud hooks/grips are legit! I have never been able to keep EarPods in my ear until now. I randomly came across these on Amazon and they work like a charm! I can shake my head, jump up and down, etc and they don’t move. And, they are comfortable. #amazonwin #earbuds #earbuddyz #nonslip

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“I can run in them, I can sweat with them. I have accidentally pulled on the cord while running and they have STAYED PUT like the glorious little amphibious soldiers that they are.”

“The hook, the cover, felt so nice in my ear. I love them!”

“Love these little guys. Been using a few weeks and they really do help keep them from falling out of my ears. Not a ton of pressure either.”

“These earbuds stay comfortably in my ears through my commute and my hiking. They suppress the ambient noise very well – I don’t hear my fellow commuters on public transportation! These earbuds are the best; they stay firmly in place, convey excellent sound, and dampen the calamity of early-morning commuters.”

Wait—did I just find your newest workout buddy? I think so…

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