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Vivify Health debuts BYOD remote monitoring tech, talks FHIR at HIMSS19

Vivify Health, a connected care management and patient engagement technology vendor, has released a new generation of bring your own device technology, growing on the company’s remote patient monitoring engagement platform, which consists of home monitoring kits and its existing BYOD offering.

New BYOD features include push notifications, messaging, easy interface to request call from care provider, full access to health content resource library, virtual visits and trending data.

“Remote patient monitoring is an increasingly valuable tool for clinicians seeking to manage a wide range of high and moderate risk patient populations,” said Eric Rock, CEO of Vivify Health. “Vivify’s new BYOD offering will enable clinicians to engage with patients with fewer limitations, as patients can utilize their own smart devices to input health data and interact with their care providers as needed.”

For clinicians, not only does this aid in population management for patients with the most common and costly chronic illnesses, it also enables them to use Vivify’s connected care platform to address lower risk patient populations, Rock added.

“In addition to better outcomes and cost-aversion through reduced readmissions, the connected care platform helps patients to remain independent, leading to higher patient satisfaction,” he contended.

Trends at HIMSS19

Vivify Health executives at HIMSS19 will have their eye on a variety of trends, including the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources standard, value-based care and vendor consolidation.

“The potential of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources has not met its full potential with EHR vendors — limiting FHIR’s capability to retrieving data only, but not truly receiving data,” Rock stated. “But the good news is that we believe there is hope for the future as regulatory and consumer – provider and healthcare – pressure will make bidirectionality happen sooner rather than later. The need is truly coming from all directions.”

On another front, all eyes – payers and providers – are on getting more out of technology to help ease the path to value-based care, Rock said.

“Remote patient monitoring is an increasingly valuable tool for clinicians seeking to manage a wide range of high and moderate risk patient populations.”

Eric Rock, Vivify Health

“For instance, it will be exciting to see the impact in 2019 of CMS’s decision to reimburse for delivering care services into the home via technology,” he said. “We believe that this is where the benefits of value-based care can be most fully realized.”

And while consolidation within health systems has been occurring over the last several years, this now is happening in the world of vendors, Rock said.

“What vendors are out there that are capable of several intersection points on different technologies or have aligned to accommodate swift change needed to support consolidation or the implication of consolidation from other vendors?” he asked.

Advice for CIOs

If asked at HIMSS19 by healthcare CIOs for some advice moving forward into 2019, Rock’s answer is to the point.

“I would recommend looking for new ways to utilize technology to boost patient engagement,” he said. “Patient portals are likely not enough to truly get patients involved with their care management in any meaningful way, but if we build a pathway that is easy to follow and stay on, patients will engage.”

Vivify Health is at HIMSS19 in booth 6779.

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