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Video shows ingrown hairs being squeezed from a woman’s BIKINI LINE

Nauseating video shows in-grown hairs and streams of pus being squeezed from a woman’s BIKINI LINE

  • Unnamed woman had cluster of ingrown hairs buried deep inside her skin 
  • Beauty therapist Jada Kennedy ‘dug them out’ using a metal hook
  • Also squeezed grey-tinged ‘snakes’ of pus from the inflamed skin 

A nauseating video shows in-grown hairs and pus being squeezed from a woman’s bikini line.

The unnamed woman went to a beautician in St Louis, Missouri, with a cluster of hairs buried deep inside her skin.

The beauty therapist, named Jada Kennedy, used a metal hook to ‘dig out’ the curly locks, which she likened to ‘going fishing’. 

Her daughter Abigail can be heard squealing in the background, as Ms Kennedy squeezes out grey-tinged ‘snakes’ of pus from the woman’s inflamed pubic area.

Beauty therapist Jada Kennedy used a metal hook (pictured) to ‘dig out’ the ingrown hairs

She then squeezed grey-tinged ‘snakes’ of pus (pictured) from the woman’s pubic area

In July 2018, a neuroscientist explained it is normal for people to be engrossed and amazed by videos of pimples being popped.

The internet obsession is popular due to certain people having evolved to get pleasure from bumps being removed from the skin.

Videos like those made by the dermatologist Sandra Lee, aka Dr Pimple Popper, are common on social media, with the Californian doctor even having her own TV show. 

Neuroscientist Heather Berlin, from Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, says it is all down to people’s need to stay healthy and remove possibly dangerous things from their bodies.

She told the Washington Post: ‘Evolutionarily speaking, it’s normal behaviour to want to remove bumps from your skin.’ 

This is due to such bumps potentially being parasites or other unwanted visitors, Dr Berlin explained.

She added squeezing spots stimulates part of the brain that reacts to dopamine, a reward chemical, and gives people ‘a little hit of pleasure’.

Ms Kennedy began by ‘digging out’ the woman’s in-grown hairs using a metal hook. 

Once they came to the surface, she used tweezers to pull out the curly locks.

She then squeezed the inflamed skin to extract the pus, which her daughter described as a ‘booger’.  

Ms Kennedy corrected Abigail, saying it is ‘like skin and built up oil and all that good stuff’. 

The youngster insisted the pus is a booger, to which her mother responded ‘okay whatever’. 

The beauty therapist continued to use the metal hook to ‘pop out’ the in-grown hairs like a ‘magic trick’, which caused her daughter to squeal in delight. 

While she ‘went fishing’ for the hairs, some were harder to get than others, with Ms Kennedy having to pull on the skin with tweezers. 

This left a hole with a bloody edge in the woman’s skin.

Ms Kennedy told viewers: ‘This is for people who say “I don’t get in-growns”. 

‘Everyone gets in-growns at some point in their lifetime.’

The video ends with Abigail shouting in disgust as her mother squeezes out a thick ‘snake’ of pus from the woman’s bikini line.

The beauty therapist then pulled out two ingrown hairs from the same blackhead. She went for a gentler approach when one of the hairs broke off in her tweezers.  

Ms Kennedy pulled out ingrown hairs from the blackheads with tweezers (pictured)

She ‘dug out’ the woman’s ingrown hairs from around her bikini line using a hook (pictured)

Ms Kennedy’s daughter Abigail likened the pus (pictured) to a ‘booger’

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