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The Obamas Are Getting a Netflix Show, & You Won't Believe Who It's For

When we first heard that the Obamas were getting a Netflix show, we nearly screamed. Would it be a documentary? Reality? A talk show? Then we discovered the title: Listen to Your Vegetables & Eat Your Parents. It turns out that the Obamas’ latest venture is a show for kids, and it’s related to an issue near and dear to their hearts: getting kids excited about eating their fruits and veggies and moving their bodies.

It’s no secret that the health-conscious Obamas have always been passionate about making sure kids are living their healthiest lives. While Barack was in office, Michelle created the Let’s Move! campaign which focused on getting kids active and removing processed foods from schools, and she also (successfully!) campaigned to change the way the FDA requires companies to disclose added sugars in their products.

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Missing this kind of #leadership … when #MichelleObama and the #ObamaAdministration made #fightingobesity a top priority — both symbolically and legislatively. Michelle planted a garden, waged snappy social media campaigns, and worked behind the scenes with researchers, lawmakers, heads of government departments, schools, and food giants to quietly change #WhatAmericansEat. Many low-income families rely on schools to feed their #children at least one meal a day.(School lunches, and even breakfasts, are free for families with incomes that fall a certain percentage below the poverty line.) So offering kids nutritionally bankrupt meals, and driving up their risk of #chronicdiseases, isn't just a #nutrition problem; it's a #socialjustice #foodequity issue too. Through consultation with some of the nation’s top #obesity experts, Michelle Obama zeroed in on solving the school lunch problem. And that’s where the #HealthyHungerFreeKidsAct of 2010 came in: legislation centered on cleaning up school food. Getting the act passed — and keeping it in place — became a key focus of the #LetsMoveCampaign The law used recommendations from the Institute of Medicine to make the #NationalSchoolLunchProgram more nutritious, with more #wholegrains, a wider variety of #fruitsandveggies #lesssalt and #lessmeat The law also made it possible for schools that have high poverty rates among students to provide free breakfasts in addition to lunches, without requiring paperwork on whether individual students meet certain #poverty criteria. The fight continues today. Every time there’s an appropriation bill, there’s been an aggressive attempt to roll back the reforms made. Did it work? Time will tell… but it’s clear thru Michelle’s leadership like this here #turnup #turnip #Vegelfie the #LetsMove campaign raised the profile of #childhoodobesity as a serious health issue we need to address. . . #FeedTheWorld #ImproveYourHealth #SaveOurPlanet #EndFactoryFarming #NoMeatMay #TenADay

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Unfortunately, other than the title and a general understanding of the former first couple’s ethos, we know next to nothing about the show. Will it be a cartoon or live action? Half hour episodes, or shorter, or longer? Somebody file a Freedom of Information Act request so we can get to the bottom of this! If we can’t have the new season of Stranger Things yet, at least give us an Obama veggie show that will convince me my body needs something other than coffee in order to successfully operate.

The new show will be produced by the couples’ company Higher Ground, which has a few other programs in development now, including an adaptation of the NYT “Overlooked” obituary series, a biopic about Frederick Douglass, and a show about post-WWII fashion, all of which will roll out on Netflix over the next several years.

While Listen to Your Vegetables & Eat Your Parents may not be hitting our screens any time in the near future, it’s already accomplished one short-term goal…I think I’m going to have some broccoli for lunch!

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