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The German wanted to feed, apparently of light – now he is dead

For the first Time in more than 20 years, a German national died citizens suspected in connection with the so-called “light food”. This is an esoteric concept, which assumes that people can live without food and water.

Born in Hamburg, Finn Bogumil died at the end of 2017 at the age of 22 years on the Caribbean island of Dominica, such as searches of the NDR. The Supreme state Prosecutor, of the island nation confirmed that the man had previously fasted, and that this was the probable cause of death. The cause of death has yet to be officially determined in a court procedure.

According to witness reports the man had tried several times, for days and days without liquid. He had also reported family and friends of his are going to want only a light feeding. According to his parents the young man in Hamburg in 2015, had been for two weeks as an inpatient in psychiatric treatment. Reason for this might have been a psychosis after the use of drugs.

Complete renunciation of food and fluid

The so-called "Lichtnahrung" is able to learn an esoteric belief, according to which people, supposedly, to feed on light energy, and to dispense with food. Their supporters organize, inter alia, through Workshops and conferences. In Germany, the &quot held in February;Light Food Online Kongress" instead of – with claims to 6,000 participants.

Awareness is the "Lichtnahrung" among other things, by controversial Austrian cinema documentary "At the beginning of the Licht&quot was;, the should also have the deceased’s Hamburger inspired. The documentary was broadcast in 2013 at the Austrian television ORF.

The Film allows people to get a word in, claiming to do without for years on food and Drink for the medical profession a thing of the impossibility. The Film was the negative price "Golden Brett" excellent. The Director of the documentary, Peter-Arthur Straubinger, shall, at the request of NDR, the Film warn clearly of the dangers of the "Lichtnahrung". The death of the man was not for him to understand. Perhaps the cause is to be found rather in the latter’s drug use and related psychosis, Straubing, Germany, the NDR.

Risk of fatal Dehydration

Sabine Riede of the Counseling center "Champagne Info NRW" says: "The light food is a dangerous esoteric form of nutrition." After the method of the new Millennium, caused a few years to the year a lot of suffering, and for which more information is needed have worried, it was moved after a few years in the Background.

Especially since the airing of the movie "At the beginning of the Licht&quot was; the &quot was;Lichtnahrung" again a favorite. "We think the method is very dangerous, because in the complete absence of solid and liquid food from the third day, the risk of fatal Dehydration steigt", Riede says. In the case of children must be reported to the youth welfare office informed.

The last known case of death in connection with "Lichtnahrung" in Germany, dates back to the year 1997. In the year 2011 in Switzerland, a woman killed, which is believed to be able to food and liquid completely do without.