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The first dead by Hantavirus? Office of determined to death in Passau

In Bavaria it may be for the first time to come to a case of death by the Hanta-Virus. The Dead had been infected with the Virus – whether it was the cause of death, however, is still unclear.

The &quot reported;Bavarian Rundfunk" citing the state office for health and food safety. When dead, it is to be a young man from Passau, reports the "Passauer New Nachrichten".

The Hanta Virus is transmitted by rodents such as mice and rats. In Germany, the Rötelmaus, the transmitter is mainly. Symptoms of the flu are pain related symptoms such as headache, muscle and limb.

In 2018, there were about 31 diseases in Bavaria. As the "Bavarian Rundfunk" reported to be an increase in the number this year so far, 224 diseases.

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