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Sex and eroticism: The animal types in the Kamasutra: Which one are you?

The Kama Sutra was about 200 to 300 years after Christ and is the oldest known erotic text book. The Indian guide is, however, not only for its countless position is known to lead to sexual ecstasy, but also describes a subdivision in six different types of Animals that fit better or worse: three for men, three for women, depending on the physical characteristics. Finally, this can be very different.

The three animal types of the man

In the male the arrangement is in a certain Tiertyp according to the size of the Penis. Men with small Penis are referred to as a rabbit, a medium-sized member belongs to a bull. Is his dick big, then he can call himself a stallion.

Statistically, the male average penis (in erect state) 13 inches long, as a stallion can be described, therefore, every man with a Penis over 18 inches in length.

The three animal types of the woman

In the case of women, it depends on the size of the Vulva. Your sex part is rather short and tight, is a Gazelle. The Mare, however, is not the counterpart to the stallion, but rather as women who are in the Vagina, on average, not super big, but also not very small.

The Name of the elephant cow does not sound very flattering, however, women with a deep Vagina.

The importance of animal types

So far for the theory, so what makes these different classifications of learning? First of all, the Kamasutra is assumed that there are three optimal pairs, and the ideal fit together.

True to the Motto: like attracts like, Gazelle and hare, Mare, bull and cow elephant and stallion. Physically, these combinations complement each other perfectly.

This has not, however, do necessarily have something to do with that these are also the pairings that allow for the greatest sexual pleasure. In this regard, it is even better to focus on differences.

The Ultimate

As the highest sexual satisfaction, the Union of the stallion and Gazelle, as this combination – feels like a large Penis in a tight Vagina – both for the woman and the man is extremely intense.

Nevertheless, elephant cow and Bunny can have, in spite of their differences, have fun with each other. In Kamasutra it is then, namely, by certain positions of these inequalities balance.

Not all positions are suitable therefore also for all pairs of animals. Basically, the objective here is to try out what gives both partners pleasure and is the best fit.

The most Important thing in the bed is not finally to lose the fun and the both come at your expense, whether of a hare, Gazelle, Mare, bull, stallion or cow elephant.

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