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Recall in case of land purchase: Excessive sulphur content of grated coconut

Sulphur dioxide in UN-shaded Felten grated coconut

As the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety, as well as the Kaufland Dienstleistung GmbH & Co. KG informs, is currently being established for reasons of preventive consumer protection in the country of purchase distributed coconut product. In routine inspections, it was noted in the “UN-shading of Felten” coconut, an increased content of sulphur dioxide (sulphite).

The product is affected “K-Classic coconut, finely shredded, unsulphured” in 200 gram packaging of the manufacturer with August Töpfer & Co. (GmbH & Co.) KG date of minimum durability 15. November 2019, and the EAN 4337185152634, as well as the batch number A: L33842. The contained sulphur dioxide is not declared on the label.

Where can I return the product?

According to information from the country of purchase, the affected product has been distributed in the Federal States of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Saarland, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. The product can be returned in any purchase of the country store. The purchase price will be refunded without the presentation of receipts.

Those with allergies should take the recall seriously

Sulfites in foods can cause allergic reactions. People with a food Allergy or a sulphite intolerance should be the grated coconut not to eat. “These customers are asked to note the recall and not to consume the product,” warns the Federal office for consumer protection in a press release.

Health hazard due to Sulfite allergies

Nausea, headache, and low blood pressure are to be consumed symptoms a possible consequence, if the grated coconut at existing sulfite intolerance. “Customers, which do not have an allergic reaction to sulfite, can consume this product without hesitation”, writes the manufacturer. (vb).

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