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Psychotherapy of the asylum procedure, and is locked out

Federal Ministry of the interior restricts the rights of asylum seekers with mental illness

The Federal Ministry of the interior (BMI) limits the rights of asylum seekers with mental illness is far-reaching. The Nationwide Association of Psychosocial centres for refugees and victims of torture (BAfF) is directed against these restrictions in a statement.

Who is affected?

It is in draft from February 2019 to „Orderly Return Gesetz“ for asylum seekers suffering from severe mental illness and for the in the case of a deportation of a substantial and definite danger for body, life or freedom, the result would be (§60 Abs. 7 of the residence act).

Intractable violence leads to mental disorders such as Borderline personality disorder, trauma and anxiety disorders. Refugees are much more traumatized more frequently than other people. Now, professionals will be deprived of the right to diagnose in the asylum procedure mental disorders. (Laurin Rinder/fotolia)

What are the changes?

This group is particularly in need of protection. So far, experts were able to contribute an opinion, to justify a prohibition on Deportation, which was provided with diagnostic and prognostic information and, in the process for right of residence flowed.

Therapeutic Opinion

These opinions, written usually Psychological psychotherapists / – therapists. These are authorized on your license to practice medicine, mental diseases to identify and define their treatment, according to $1, Para. 3 Par. They make in Germany, more than 80 % of the ambulatory psychotherapeutic supply.

What are the changes?

These responses of experts are to play in the future in the stay of legal proceedings no longer. Only the opinions of Doctors such as Doctors. This refers not even to a psychiatrist/ – on the inside, but is independent of professional qualification. Any General practitioner who does not understand mental illness as a layman, can make such an assessment.

Evaluation is hardly possible

The Nationwide Association of Psychosocial centres for refugees and victims of torture (BAfF) provides for these legal changes is extremely critical. Your Chairman Elise, please, binder says: “Traumatised Refugees need a protected atmosphere to be able to violent experiences. It often takes a lot of time, patience, and trust. In medical practices this is at the high level of Patient*indoor density is hardly possible.“

Systematic Deprivation Of Rights

Even today, the legal framework for the certificates is very tight, so the BAfF. It lacks any professionalism and is almost impossible, in the asylum, the massive health effects of war, torture and extreme violence, to make a claim. Woman please tie speaks of systematic deprivation of rights and complies with the statutory Changes for an arbitrary decision to curtail the support of a person seeking Protection.

Changes in pulping

The BAfF calls to make the proposed Changes and to strengthen instead the few opportunities that there are, in order to assess the psychological Suffering of Refugees qualified.

Therapists take a position

BAfF and the Federal chamber of psychotherapists, wrote an opinion to the proposed Changes. There are no technical reasons, psychotherapist / – therapists Create opinions are ostracized. You are entitled to, mental illness to diagnose – according to the psychotherapists act.
It was their task and duty, mental illness diagnosis, to clarify and to diagnose. There is neither a specialized nor a legal basis to exclude them from the diagnosis of mental disorders in the context of the asylum procedure.

What would be the consequences?

The consequence for asylum seekers would be that they would have no way of mental illnesses and the need for action in the asylum procedure. In the process, Refugees, the mentally ill, or trauma suffered included just to those in need of special Protection. Just they have a special entitlement to special procedural guarantees.

Refugees – About half of Germany’s traumatized?

Refugees were particularly vulnerable to develop mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or depression, and Rates of such diseases are far above those of the General population. The risk of PTSD amounts to 35% to 50%.

No Chance to qualified judgment

By excluding just the professional group, whose focus is to Identify and Treat mental disorders, have refugees hardly a Chance in the asylum procedure to the health consequences of war, torture and extreme violence.

Clarification in the law

BAfF and BPtK call in the law to make it clear that the psychotherapist / – therapist can a number of mental health disorders in the asylum procedure. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)