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No one could tell us why: parents of babies without hands and share experiences

Various media reported nationwide about the Cologne midwife from Severin’s monasteries Chen, who brought the case now via EXPRESS to the Public.

Babies without Hand: parents in shock

As there is no Central, official reporting office for cases of this kind, to collect, evaluate, and perhaps a common cause (drugs, toxins in the food to detect genetic defects, etc.), were left to the often shocked fathers and mothers alone to their fate. Now that the case was made public knowledge the parents: you are not alone. Your child is not an isolated case. There are perhaps hundreds of unexplained cases. And there is a reason to facilitate your mournful heart through the life long disability of their children.

Babies with malformation: a Great response from Concerned

As the editorial to a series of emails and phone calls of concerned parents went to the EXPRESS, as well as the Cologne-based midwife Sonja Liggett-hedgehog mouth reached parallel, more than 20 news from Germany from people who say: “our child is missing fingers, hands or arms. And no one could tell us why. We feed ourselves and eat healthy, no dangerous medications.“

Cologne midwife Sonja Kummer case for concerned parents

Midwife Sonja says in retrospect: “Because an avalanche was unleashed. The conversations were very intense. The desperation of many parents is still very large, even if the children are of elementary school age. Some of the feel and feel of the clinics extreme left in the lurch. A father has been said before the birth: you will get a girl. Then it was a Boy with only one Hand.“

Babies without hands: cases in Euskirchen

Among the parents who wanted to get rid of your history, and the midwife also a few families from the area of Euskirchen, which is characterized by many agricultural areas: “they, Too, were born as the 25 disabled children in France, all after 2018. The suspicion is that because pesticides may play a role is,“ says Sonja. “But of course that is absolute speculation.”

Worried mothers call register

Also in the EXPRESS editorial the phone rang on Friday again and again. Got the Cologne mothers made her grief the air: “you think You would be alone, and then you suddenly see that so many children are affected,” says Melanie Hochstetter, whose daughter has a malformation on the right Hand. “It is a scandal that there is still no Central collection system, but the parents are often handled with the saying: This is just a freak of nature.” And she warns: “The children’s doctors have all the information through the screening from U1. The data could be quickly and easily collected.“

EXPRESS asked the Minister of health, Jens Spahn

So far, even with three well-educated children confirmed affected clinic in Gelsenkirchen, however, there is no nationwide register. The requested in addition to Melanie Hochstetter also more Cologne mothers. EXPRESS asked the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (39, CDU), whether it is in accordance with the current incidents Considerations for a FIU with Contact information for concerned parents. Then the cases could be investigated for the first time, of specialists on common ground. A response from the Ministry is still pending.

Babies without hands: a Series of sad stories

Anonymised extracts from the letters to the editor: A mother writes: “I had 2018, a Baby with mutilated Arms, in the belly. We decided to have an abortion. These children in a statistic?“ A father: “We are also affected. I’ve contacted our health Department that Figures are recorded. It only came the answer, however, there are no abnormalities. A mother: “My daughter, the left forearm and elbow was missing. It was a shock to us because no one had seen.“ A mother: “We have brought to 2017 our son to the world. For him, the fingers and the palm are applied to the left Hand only rudimentary. We know of seven children in the last seven years.“ A mother: “Our daughter was born without fingers on his left Hand. She has only her thumb.“