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My day on a plate: Khan Porter

Australian CrossFit athlete, Khan Porter, 29, shares his day on a plate.

Khan Porter.

7am I kick-start the morning with a coffee, a banana and a greens powder supplement. 10.30am After my first training session, I'm starving. I head to a cafe to refuel with a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, mushroom and spinach.

1pm A deli sandwich with a side garden salad.

3pm I beat the mid-afternoon slump with a lamington-flavoured paleo bar and another coffee.

7pm After three hours at the gym, I drink a protein shake and hit the sauna for muscle recovery.

7.40pm A snack of crackers, tuna and a cheeky beer.

8.00pm Dinner is a 400-gram steak with brown rice and a side salad of leafy greens dressed with chilli, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. I finish with a sweet treat of yoghurt with protein power and granola.

Dr Joanna McMillan says …

Top marks for … Vegies at every meal. A sandwich rarely contains enough and so a side salad was smart. Loads of vegies with a steak is imperative for gut health.

If you keep eating like this you'll … Nicely support your energy and muscle metabolism needs for your sport. Take care to spread your protein intake more evenly over the day as you can't utilise more than about 30 grams of protein in one hit. Your steak at dinner provided almost 90 grams.

Why don't you try … Increasing your intake of carbohydrates to fuel your huge energy demands for high-intensity training. Rather than using processed powders, you could make a smoothie of milk, yoghurt, oats and fruit. Add beans to your breakfast or salads. Make sure your bread and cracker choices are wholegrain to keep up your fibre levels.

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