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Mother has her implants removed after doctors wrongly put them in

Mother with double D breasts who went for reduction surgery only to wake up with implants after surgeons mistakenly gave her an ENLARGEMENT finally has her ‘upside down zucchinis’ fixed

  • Whitney visited doctors Dr Paul Nassif and Dr Terry Dubrow on E!’s Botched
  • She was desperate to have normal breasts after three failed surgeries
  • It all started when she hoped to have a breast lift and reduction
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A woman who described her breasts as ‘upside down zucchinis’ was shocked to wake up from a breast reduction operation with implants.

Whitney, whos surname is unknown, was hoping for a standard breast lift and reduction after having a daughter at age 18.

But while she was sedated, the doctor instead enlarged her double D breasts, leaving Whitney ‘mentally really messed up’.

Visiting the Botched doctors Dr Paul Nassif and Dr Terry Dubrow, Whitney explained that she had two more failed surgeries. 

Not only had she been given implants without her consent, but they were so high up they squashed her real breast tissue underneath.  

On the final episode of the E! programme, Whitney finally had her breast implants removed and felt she had ‘the perfect pair’.  

Mother with DD breasts that looked like ‘upside down zucchinis’ has her implants removed by Botched doctors Dr Paul Nassif and Dr Terry Dubrow

Whitney woke up to find she had breast implants after going for a breast reduction

She said: ‘The fact that I have no breast implants is a huge weight off my shoulders.

‘I am ready to be a part of the itty bitty titty committee club for the first time ever. 

‘I finally have the breasts I’ve always wanted. I’ve been dealt the perfect pair.’

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Whitney had always been a fuller chested girl – at school she had been nicknamed ‘Titney Witney’.

After she gave birth to her daughter at 18 years old, they were significantly less perky than the mother wanted.

She said: ‘They literally hung to my belly button. It was devastating.’

Whitney had always had a bigger chest and was nicknamed ‘Titney Witney’ at school

After having her first child at the age of 18, she was unhappy with her breasts

Whitney said her breasts ‘hung to her belly button’ leading her to seek a breast lift

She seeked the help of a plastic surgeon: ‘I told him I would like a reduction and I come out with these massive boobs.

‘The doctor had put breast implants in without my knowledge.

‘It mentally really messed me up. I look different than every other woman in this world.’

But that was only the beginning of Whitney’s medical nightmare. A few months after the surgery, she noticed that there wasn’t something right about her new breasts.

‘When I would turn to the side, I would notice that there was implant up here and breast tissue down here,’ she explained, gesturing toward her collarbone and rib cage, respectively.

She saw her plastic surgeon a second and a third time hoping he would correct the issue, but he failed to do so.

In the final episode of this season’s Botched, Whitney said she was praying for change after years of having misshapen breasts.

She told Dr Dubrow: ‘I want to be as small as you can make me. I’ve been big breasted my whole life.’

During her consultation, Dr Dubrow realised that her surgical issues would be difficult to remedy, but would make every effort to tackle them anyway.

Eight weeks later, Whitney’s implants had been removed and she felt entirely brand-new.

‘The fact that I have no breast implants is a huge weight off my shoulders,’ she said, finally able to comfortably work out.



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