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Medicine Nobel prize winners warns: the excitation of two basic food products could promote cancer – Video

There is a connection between the consumption of certain foods and the development of cancer? – The study of the world’s various studies. Some researchers suspect that breast – and colon cancer, as well as the disease Multiple sclerosis with the consumption of beef and veal and cow’s milk may differ.

Now, a Team of Heidelberg medicine-Nobel prize winner Harald zur Hausen of new findings to this assumption. The scientists assume that people can infect through the consumption of meat and dairy products with pathogens, which can lead decades later to the bowel or breast cancer.

Consumption of beef and cows ‘ milk also increases the MS risk

The Team has in the laboratory from cow’s milk and beef novel DNA sera isolated pathogens. This is referred to as BMMFs, an abbreviation for "Bovine Meat and Milk Factors", therefore, beef and milk factors. The BMMFs showed the Team for the first time in people with cancer and Multiple sclerosis patients.

In the blood of patients, they also found antibodies against the BMMF-excitation. The scientists got their attention. Because the antibodies which had formed against BMMF, were comparable to the antibodies that form in a developing cancer.

Zur Hausen price meeting 2017: &quot said in a lecture on the occasion of the Lindau Nobel;This suggests the consumption of beef or dairy products as a potential Transmission route for cancer."

No BMMFs in cancer cells. This speaks rather for an indirect participation of BMMFs in the development of a tumor, similar to the liver cancer that can be triggered by an infection with the Hepatitis C virus.

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