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Man, 72, looks better than most guys half his age praises strict diet

A 72-year-old ex-marine who looks exceptionally young for his age has said he owes his youthfulness to a strict exercise regime and diet.

Bill Hendricks, whose fitness has improved with age, revealed he spends at least two hours in the gym and religiously adheres to his eating plan to maintain a six-pack.

The body-builder, from Dallas, Texas, has previously declared that his a strict diet consisting of oats, egg omelets and chicken salads.

“I have two breakfasts and a chicken salad, and then I head to the gym around midday for at least two hours,” he explained.

Bill has frequently shared pictures of his bulging muscles on social media, where fans gush about his physique and brand it “incredible”.

Several snaps of the bodybuilder have gone viral on social media, with one user previously declaring: “Looks better than most guys half his age.”

A former male entertainer, Bill says he alternates his workout routines by splitting his week into sit-ups and pull sessions and has built more strength with age.

At the age of 62, he said was unable to do one rep at 90lbs on the hack squat. Five years later, however, he is doing five reps at 360 lbs.

“I think I was given a physical gift and I don’t want to waste that,” the fitness fanatic said.

He added that says he has always had a flair for sports and credits his commitment to a regular exercise routine for his defined abdomen.

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The father-of-three started posting to social media around the age of 65 and quickly racked up more than 20,000 international followers.

“I just tell people what I do as they seem interested,” he said in a previous interview. “I have always eaten to stay alive. I see food as fuel. I am always trying to get my body fat down.”

Though his social media account is often flooded with compliments, being in the spotlight is not always fun and games.

“Some people are a bit envious at times but some people are supportive and like to see my progress,” Bill has previously admitted.

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