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Lost his consciousness and his Job: This 26-Year-old fell ill with the mysterious lung disease

When Dylan Nelson will be delivering in July in the emergency Department, he can hardly breathe. His condition is critical, Doctors put him in an artificial coma. So like him, it was the last month at least 100 people in the United States – all of them have in common is that they smoked E-cigarettes.

The heart raced, the much to short and fast Breathing was hard for him and he had to continuously cough: When Dylan Nelson last month in the emergency room in Burlington in the US state of Wisconsin introduced, he got barely any air through a straw did it feel to Breathe, and he reported to the Doctors.

Made short work of it and joined the young man immediately on a ventilator. To be the oxygen content in the blood was at arrival only at ten percent. Also, you put him in an artificial coma. As Nelson later on the American channel “National Public Radio” told, he was not the first case, with these symptoms, the the hospital received in July.

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A nurse had comforted his anxious mother, as she feared, not her son again. They explained to her that she would be treated in the same hospital is already an 18-Year-old with the same symptoms, and of two other similar cases in the US state of Milwaukee knew – and therefore already knew how to keep lung disease at Bay.

Patients were E-cigarette smokers

The disease is to the Doctors, although a mystery, its origin, however, seems relatively clear: All patients have in common is that they had previously smoked E-cigarettes. If now, however, the sole Use of the electronic cigarette or the e-Liquids are responsible for the disease has yet to be clarified.

Nelson told the radio station that he had smoked a THC based Liquid, he would have a favorable effect on the road of the Andes, and the “looked kind of urine colors,” though it is to dark to be an amber color.

Last month alone, it gave US far more than 100 cases

Cases like Dylan Nelson, it was only in the state of Wisconsin in July, at least 15, in another 15 cases, the confirmation is yet to come. In America, the health authorities were struck last month, more than 100 cases – which is why the authorities are now alert. The “Washington Post”reported.

Concerned not to jump on the typical medications such as antibiotics and oxygen additions. On the contrary, The symptoms could worsen even. The US health authorities warn, therefore, now Doctors and clinics, to be used in the following symptoms noisy:

  • Shortness of breath
  • General Respiratory Complaints
  • Pain in the chest

Some of the patients complained also of a fever, cough, Nausea, and diarrhea. Has helped many, in the end, the use of steroids.

Health authorities to check cases of healing uncertain

The American health authorities announced that there are confirmed cases in at least five States: California, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin. They worked hard to make the cause of the disease is identified, after in the past few weeks, several cases of lung disease in adolescents and young adults in you were received.

Infection disease doctors, however, although the symptoms are in many cases similar. You suspect that the cause is in the ingredients of the used vapor liquids. Whether the patient will recover from the lung disease completely, is unclear.

Father lost because of the illness of his Job

Nelson even remembers the day he came to the hospital, barely. His memory picks up again, as he woke up with the hose in the neck from the artificial coma: “every cough liquid came out of it,” he explains, “then the nurse had to vacuum the hose.”

Because it is not secure social welfare system in America for people without supplementary insurance against disease in the profession, lost to Nelson by the stay in the hospital, his Job. In the meantime, he has found a new job in a factory. There he stands, five days a week for twelve hours on the Assembly line – but it was worth it, he explains to the radio station. Not only because it helps him to feed his daughter.

Nelson is no longer evaporated, but he has a message to all the “steamer”

With the Vaping, he has stopped in the meantime. It is, however, not be the he recommends: “Buy the cheap Liquids from the road, of which you don’t know what is included in it. You better go into a trade.“