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If you eat in this order, you and prevent Diabetes

The sequence In which we consume food that is much more important than previously thought. Whether we eat at a meal first, carbohydrates or protein, acts differently on the blood sugar level and thus on the risk of Diabetes.

Time, compilation, action – constantly, doctors and nutritional researchers are working with the ideal food health and figure. Now, a study investigated what is the role of the order has to be consumed in the the food of a meal.

First the noodles, then the meat, or Vice versa? The researcher Louis Aronne from the Weill Cornell Medical College in New York wanted to know: does it make a difference for blood sugar levels and insulin release, if someone takes first, carbohydrates or protein?

First the Steak, then the bread – however, not Vice versa

The test subjects all got the same food. Only, they began in different ways. One group ate first, bread and a glass of orange juice,so the carbohydrates. After a ten-minute break, there was chicken breast, so of protein, and salad. The other group ate the same Ten-minute break in the reverse order. On another day, the scientists repeated the Experiment, only the groups exchanged the order from the first Time.

The result: The blood glucose level was significantly lower when the subjects began meals with a Protein and carbohydrate-rich side dishes in the distance, followed. A meal began, however, with carbohydrates, fluctuated blood sugar levels.

Diabetics and people on a diet will benefit the most

Especially for people with Diabetes or a precursor thereof, it would be so cheap to start a meal with meat and salad or fish and vegetables instead of with bread, rice or pasta, to influence the level of blood sugar positively.

But even healthy people, especially those on diet, can benefit from better succession of the nutrients. Because the Protein-carbohydrate-sequence when you eat saturates are also sustainable. This in turn prevents cravings dreaded attacks.

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So the order of eating in everyday life

In the study the recommended order of food, however, has a catch: Particularly suitable for everyday use, the time interval between the individual components is not for an average meal. Who wants to eat first, the fish and the salad and, later on, the now cold rice?

What works in everyday life: in the sequence of daily meals in order to comply with the carbohydrates and proteins to different extents are weighted:

  • In the morning outweigh the quickly available carbohydrates (classic Breakfast with bread and jam or honey), because in the morning the body needs energy.
  • At noon there is a Mix of Protein and carbohydrates (the classic “meat-potatoes-vegetable”dish) – for the power supply and the force build-up.
  • In the evening outweighs the protein, combined with vegetables, so the “good” carbohydrates. The evening protein in the repair material provides for Regeneration during the night. And it promotes the burning of fat, which at night is particularly high. Carbohydrates at the end of the day, will inhibit fat loss.

And one of the things in the correct sequence of foods can easily comply with the waiver on carbs before the actual meal. So, stay away from the bread basket before in the Restaurant, the main dish comes.