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Highly processed foods increase the risk of early death

Why have a high-processed food life expectancy?

Unfortunately, many of our foods contain different unhealthy ingredients. Just so-called high-processed foods are no exception. Doctors found out now that the consumption of highly processed foods with an increased risk of death.

The scientists from the University of Sorbonne, found in their recent study that highly processed foods with an increased risk of premature death. The experts published the results of their study in the English journal “JAMA Internal Medicine”.

What processed foods are?

The large study analyzed the food intake and nutrition of over 44,000 French adults. The results showed that the consumption of highly processed foods, including Snacks from the mass production of sugar-containing drinks and ready meals, was associated with an increased risk of death. In the case of highly processed foods are foods that contain several different components and by a variety of industrial processes are produced. Such foods are generally cheap, tasty, and directly for instant heating and subsequent consumption. Even though these foods are tasty and quick to prepare, is the consumer known to be problematic because it is associated with a higher risk for Obesity, hypertension, and cancer. Doctors were also, the question of whether the consumer is associated with an increased risk of premature death. In a period of more than seven years, an increase in the share of highly processed food was associated in the current study by ten percent with a 14 percent higher risk for total mortality, according to the French research team.

Highly processed foods contain many additives

It was the research an observational study, so no causal effect can be called, explain the scientists. But the fact that there is a statistically significant correlation was found, however, should give reason for concern. Sure is that highly processed foods do not contain many substances that you can find in natural foods. For this purpose, all kinds of additives include, for example, chemicals, including preservatives, sweeteners, fillers, dyes, flavors, and much more.

Why do people buy highly processed food?

Such foods are attractive because they tend to be cheaper and due to their high sugar, salt and saturated fat content, very tasty. Further advantages are: they are available to buy almost everywhere, they are marketed by advertising heavily, they are already after a short warm up ready for consumption and are very durable.

What to look for when shopping should pay attention to

The research in this area is very difficult because there are a large number of different highly processed foods, not to mention the variety of ingredients contained in it. Some of the factors that could be harmful or less harmful – overall it is a highly complex subject. Best buy only natural food and if you are not sure, that helps, a look at the list of ingredients. You buy food with the least number of additives and ingredients that are known to you. (as)