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High cholesterol diet: The best Pancake Day toppings to keep cholesterol down

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If you have high cholesterol, or simply want some heart-healthy alternatives to classic pancakes on Pancake Day, look no further. Healthy pancake recipes don’t need to be any less delicious than a classic stack – but they will be lower in sugar and saturated fat. Here’s how to enjoy Pancake Day without worrying about ruining your diet.

Pancake Day might be synonymous with having lots of sugary and indulgent toppings on a stack of pancakes – seemingly making it a no-no for people with high cholesterol.

However, by making some sensible swaps you can still enjoy a tasty Pancake Day without having to worry about the effect on your cholesterol reading.

How can you make Pancake Day healthier?

To start with, instead of using white flour to make your pancake batter, try using wholewheat flour.

Some recipes even substitute flour completely in favour of oats, which can be a healthier alternative.

When adding milk and butter to your batter, opt for skimmed milk and a spread containing plant sterols.

Skimmed or semi-skimmed milk will save you calories and cut down on the levels of saturated fat.

What are the healthiest pancake toppings for high cholesterol?


If you have a sweet tooth, try to resist reaching for the sugar, honey and syrup.

These are full of free sugars and will add inches to your waistline.

Instead, try adding chopped up berries or bananas to your pancakes.

Fat-free Greek yoghurt

Swap fatty whipped cream for a scoop of fat-free Greek yoghurt to get less saturated fat, but more tasty protein.

Greek yoghurt will help keep you fuller for longer, and tastes delicious with fresh fruits or fruit compote on pancakes.

Peanut butter

Almond, cashew and peanut butters are great sources of healthy fats.

Although these spreads can be dense in calories, they’ll keep you satisfied and taste delicious.

Pair peanut butter with bananas, or other fruits, for a truly tasty pancake topping.

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Dark chocolate

If you can’t bear the thought of missing out on chocolate, dark chocolate is the way to go.

Choose dark chocolate with more than 70 percent cocoa content.

It is lower in sugar, but higher in polyphenols, which are linked to improved heart health.

Low-fat cheese

If savoury pancakes are more your style, make sure to choose a low-fat cheese to ensure you aren’t consuming too much saturated fat.

Add some vegetables to your cheesy pancake to boost the health credentials.

Smoked salmon

Salmon and other fatty fish are often recommended to people with high cholesterol because of its positive effect on heart health.

Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids – also known as ‘good fats’.

Try topping your pancake with low-fat cream cheese and smoked salmon for a delicious heart-healthy meal.

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