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Health: How often should we go to the toilet?

How often should we go daily to the toilet and pee?

The need to constantly never on the toilet and the other to pee almost. Of course, the amount of drink plays a role. However, some people feel a frequent urge to urinate – regardless of how much you have drunk. But how often should we go per day on the toilet? What is normal and when we should go to the doctor. These and more questions of the urologist, Dr. med answered. Reinhold Schaefer.

Overactive bladder: coffee, non-driving, alcohol already

On the highway, at an important meeting – the bladder does not answer many of the often then, if it fits just right. Usually there is then no going Back, because the impulse to have to go to the toilet, can not suppress. Although the Psyche has penetrated mostly to blame for the urine in inappropriate situations, but once triggered, the Reflex is no longer to stop.

Who tried to train his bladder for a higher capacity, is detrimental to his health. The Uro-GmbH in North Rhine, an Association of urologists established points.

Imaginary to the toilet to

“Many people don’t have to, although you really need to,” says Dr. Reinhold Schaefer, urologist and Director of the network. “Many of the urine will trigger the urge, if you are nervous, because there is no toilet in sight. Really full the bladder is but not usually.“

Who was first on the silent Town, not a few minutes later again. The excuse is that recently water has been drunk, and we must, therefore, again, most of the times.

The consumed liquid takes about two hours to get to the bladder. Also, people splash water urination triggers don’t have to considered to be organic usually still to the toilet. Here there is a misinterpretation between the ear, brain, and bladder. But no matter why the bubble report, urinary urgency is an individual thing and does not delay.

The female urinary bladder holds most 400 Milliliter, the male is about 500. However, in the case of sensitive bubble sensors, the bubble asks at 200 milliliters to drain. The phenomenon of overactive bladder affects nearly 70 percent of the women. “Medically, this is usually not a Problem, as long as no blood appears in the urine, pain or a fever,” added Dr. Schaefer. Only if you have never had problems, but all of a sudden to go to the toilet must, this should be clarified.

Urge to urinate suppressing the health harms

Anyone who tries to train his individual capacity, he suppressed the urge to urinate, harms, however, of his health. Urine is an involuntary Reflex is the urge. The urine is held back, this leads to pain, Nausea, or pelvic floor spasms. There is also the risk that urine is forced back into the kidneys. The damages in the long run the sensitive organs.

Increased urination with excitement

In some people, the urine will trigger the urge, if you can hear water lapping. Also, restlessness, and excitement before examinations often is that the snake is in front of the toilet getting longer and longer. Ensure you do not need to frequently Urinate normally, at least, as long as no warning signs, such as blood, pain or fever. Attention should be however, if never problems with frequent urination occurred.

So Absolutely use the bathroom, if it must be! The waiver of coffee is also not successful in the case of an overactive bladder. Because caffeine acts not contrary to popular belief, as a diuretic. Alcohol affects the hormone ADH, thus accelerating the aisle to the toilet. Anyone who feels in the everyday life of the overactive bladder, which affects should see a urologist as there are medications for the Hypersensitivity of the bladder sensors. (sb)