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Health: Easter eggs as a risk – How many eggs suddenly healthy?

Cholesterol-bombs for Easter – Eggs are really so unhealthy?

The Easter eggs come in many families, very often on the table. However, some people take distance of them, as chicken eggs have a reputation for being unhealthy. But in the meantime, more and more experts are pointing to the healthy nutrients found therein.

Valuable Nutrients

For Easter, there are, in the majority of the German house painted eggs keep colorful. Especially children often can not resist. Chicken eggs contain, besides valuable protein, important vitamins and minerals. However, according to some experts, neither children nor adults should eat too much of it, as, otherwise, the cholesterol levels may increase. That’s true, but really?

An Easter without eggs is hard to imagine. Often, however, is not advised to eat much of it, since, otherwise, the cholesterol levels rise too high. That’s true, but really? (Picture: Pixelot/

High cholesterol can be dangerous

About every third German citizens, the cholesterol is too high. Elevated cholesterol levels can lead to diseases of the vessels, with possible consequences such as a heart attack or stroke.

Concerned is often recommended a change in Diet to lower the level.

Especially a lower egg consumption is mentioned here often. However, eggs are detrimental to our health in fact, or you are more likely to be healthy for the people?

Healthier than long thought

Recently, a study by American researchers was published and came to the conclusion that increased consumption of eggs increases diseases the risk of life-threatening heart.

Other studies also showed that chicken eggs are significantly healthier than was long assumed, which is why the warnings against eggs and Butter in connection with high cholesterol levels by many health experts were removed.

Cholesterol is in the yolk present

As the Federal centre for nutrition (BZfE) writes, met of cholesterol only in the egg yolk present, important tasks in the organism, for example, as the Basis for hormone and Vitamin D formation.

Therefore, the body itself makes it, and is not dependent on a dietary supply.

However, it does not hurt if we take, for example, by the consumption of eggs: In a healthy person the blood cholesterol level by a mechanism.

This ensures that the value remains the same regardless of the level of cholesterol absorption is largely constant.

Healthy Ingredients

The experts are pointing to your website on the positive ingredients of eggs. Thus, an Egg of the weight class L (about 70 grams) contains about nine grams of high quality Protein, eight grams of fat (mainly in the egg yolk) and traces of carbohydrates.

Furthermore, the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as the water-soluble B-vitamins are found in it. Vitamin A and its precursor, the Pro-Vitamin A (carotene) – is the most important Vitamin in the Egg.

It ensures that the eyes remain elastic, the Iris can adjust well to brightness and darkness, and we see better at night.

Worth mentioning are also the minerals calcium, phosphorus and iron in the egg yolk, as well as sodium and potassium in the egg whites.

Eggs are enjoyed in moderation

How many eggs per day should it be? Often, it is not recommended to consume more than two per day.

But: “On the Basis of current scientific knowledge, there is currently no upper limit for the consumption of eggs, can be derived,” says Dr. Helmut top knight, former managing Director of the German nutrition society (DGE) in an older message.

“Eggs can be enjoyed in moderation, your diet Supplement, and part of a balanced diet. If healthy people – especially now at Easter time – multiple eggs to eat, this is perfectly acceptable,“ said the expert.

Other experts have pointed out that in the past, that at Easter time three eggs a day are fine. (ad)