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Gardening has a 'better impact' on mental health than hitting the gym

Plants are having a moment.

Millennials especially have embraced the greenery trend with open arms, and it’s no wonder – the activity is proven to be very therapeutic.

In fact, a new survey has revealed that 81% of British people believe gardening has a ‘better impact’ on mental health than hitting the gym, according to

Out of 2,000 participants, more than a third also claimed that creating the perfect garden provides a ‘bigger sense of achievement’ compared to running 1km (8%), tidying their home (22%) and doing well at work (13%).

‘I love my garden,’ 33-year-old Jo Jessop, an avid gardener, tells

‘It helps me when I’m stressed and suffering with anxiety. It’s also my safe space where I can breath, I also sometimes sit and work in my garden as well as relax, and it’s fab place to meditate and do my breathing exercises.’

Unfortunately not everyone can afford a garden, especially in bigger cities such as London, but there are other ways to add a touch of green to your life.

Adding a few plants to your home or work space has also been shown to be beneficial for mental health.

And if you really want to get into gardening but haven’t got your own to play around with, there are local community groups that you can join.

Tend to your green babies and feel the stress dissipate.

Plus, you might end up with lots of tasty fruits and vegetables.

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