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Finally free of pain: 5 effective tips that bloating and abdominal pain stop

Abdominal pain and bloating can have various causes. The wrong diet and too much Stress can cause pain in the stomach and intestines trigger. On the other inflammation can be the trigger.

These effective tips can provide relief and the discomfort in the long term relieve.

1. Meditation

Too much Stress hits the stomach and makes it cramp. Also, the digestion is affected by too much physical and mental stress, which can lead to bloating.

Through Meditation, the body can relax and relieve Stress. The focus on slow breathing eases cramps and makes the head and the body come to rest.

Anyone who has trouble Meditating, which can be a simple solution to help With the presentation, the abdomen is a balloon that fills up when you Breathe in and the Exhale empties, is easy to conscious breathing.

2. CBD Oil

The currently hyped CBD Oil is anticonvulsant and anti-inflammatory. As an investigation shows, the Cannabidiol to relieve pain. Also in menstrual complaints and chronic Diseases, the hemp oil is supposed to help. Small side effect is that It acts similar to Valerian calming effect.

CBD Oil can over the counter be purchased and is simply dropped on the tongue, the oral mucosa taken.

3. Physically Touches

Tender touches, hugs and, above all, Sex to release the hormone Oxytocin, which is also referred to as the “cuddle”hormone. The neuro hormone helps to reduce Stress, and inhibits the sensation of pain in the body.

Who pain under belly suffering, which does a bit of tenderness so well.

4. Interval fasting

Interval fasting, only the Kilos will not tumble. A study by scientists from New York and Aachen, Germany, has shown that the temporary renunciation of food in inflammation may help in the body.

Due to the long lunch break and a lower calorie intake, the number of inflammatory cells can be reduced. Fasting can have an impact, therefore, inflammation is positive in the case of heartburn and stomach.

In the case of abdominal pain and bloating, which find their cause in the intestine, should be on the ground of certain foods on the diet plan.

Who supplies the gut with good bacteria, the probiotics, can help prevent problems. This can, for example, in yogurt, Sauerkraut, or Kimchi to find.

The importance of a healthy colon is and what should be considered for describing the Physician Giulia Enders her on her book, “intestine with charm”.

Photo gallery: The best foods for a healthy intestinal flora

5. Workout

A walk after dinner can do wonders for an impending bloating and digestion a boost.

If the pain is tolerable, also a light Workout. The motion ensures that blood circulation is improved and tension in the muscles loosen.

Anyone who suffers from bloating, it can also help to massage the abdomen and stimulate the digestive system. With a gentle body oil gently over the abdomen circles.

In the case of recurrent severe abdominal pain should consult a doctor.


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