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Even Math Haters Will Love These Delicious Pi Day Deals

Ahhh, Pi Day. This mathematic holiday, which is on March 14th every year, celebrates the most beguiling of mathematical constants: the irrational number 3.14159….well, you get the picture. This year, Trader Joe’s wants to celebrate Pi Day not by forcing you to perform a bunch of confusing grocery store-based math, but rather by selling their famous pumpkin pies for the incredibly low price of just $1.99 a pop.

That’s a hell of a deal for 27-ounce, 9-inch pie. If you feel little weird about eating your pie straight up, seeing as how it’s pumpkin pie and we’re thoroughly enmeshed in spring, TJ’s has a few serving suggestions: cut your pie in chunks and dip them in chocolate to make an elegant, bite-sized dessert, blend a slice of pie with ice cream and milk to make an out-of-this-world milkshake, or simply serve with a dollop of 3-maple spiced whipped cream.

Trader Joe’s isn’t the only one offering up deals for this delicious holiday.

Pizza lovers are in luck.

Blaze Pizza is offering $3.14 pizzas for those who order through the Blaze Pizza App on 3/14.

Hungry Howie’s will be serving up one-topping medium pizzas for just $3.14 along with the purchase of any bread item, for those using code 19PI.

Uber Eats will reward hungry customers with $3.14 off all pizza deliveries placed between March 13 and March 17. Just use promo code PIDAY19.

Order a large pizza online at New England chain Bertucci’s using the promo code PIDAY, and receive a second large cheese pizza or Bertucci’s special pizza for, you guessed it, $3.14.

Those who crave dessert can expect great deals, too.

California Pizza Kitchen is letting customers order slices of their famous key lime pie for just $3.14 on the holiday.

Bojangle’s has one of the tastiest deals around: get three of their signature rectangular sweet potato pies for $3.14. One for you, two to share! Or, let’s be honest, three for you.

Last but not least, for those savory traditionalists, if you buy a chicken pot pie and a drink at Boston Market, you can get one pot pie free using this coupon on Pi Day only.

Phew! That’s a lot of good eats for one random math holiday.

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