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Dog licks again and again to his owner – so he saves her life

For Michelle Sunderland could be a temporary shock, such as a loud fire siren, in extreme cases, be fatal. Because the 30-Year-old suffers from a rare adrenal insufficiency, including Addison’s disease called.

The English newspaper “Mirror”reported.

This disease leads to the fact, that your suppressed adrenal production of the stress hormone cortisol. In particularly stressful situations the disease can even lead to a comatose state when the cortisol is reduced Level is too strong, and Affected in a sugar.

The woman from Thorngumbald, a small village in England happened so often that she had to uncountable many hospital stays.

Dog Clive began to act weird

Five years ago, would be the English disease even almost diedwhen she just a day after the hospital discharge in your bathroom passed out. Fortunately, she found her husband at the time, in the nick of time.

While the woman of the experience of recovery, it occurred to her that Cocker-Spaniel Clive was unusual. The dog was conspicuously affectionate and licked his owner on the mouth.

But what Sunderland initially regarded as an annoying habit, soon turned out to be a great help in everyday life.

By chance, she learned at a dog show by the British organization “Medical Detection Dogs”. There dogs are trained specifically to help their owners in Addison’s disease.

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As it turned out, was Clive’s unusual behavior, namely a sign of his owner, that your cortisol Level has dropped and you now taking medicine must.

The Organisation trained the dog for months – today he is Sunderland’s most important helper.

The newspaper you said:

“My life has changed. I had to since then in a hospital. Clive is my knight in shining armor. He is my best friend and my right Hand. He gave me my freedom back.

This article was written by Jessica Ruhstorfer