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Cleaner recall: risk of injury due to unsafe injection bottle

Handle gets the cleaner Bref Power bacteria & Mold

The cleaning products manufacturer Henkel calls back a cleaning agent. Apparently, the spray head is in some of the spray bottle is defective, causing the aggressive detergent may escape in an uncontrolled way. The chemical liquid reaches, for example, in the eyes, injuries are possible, warns the manufacturer.

From the callback, the-cleaner “Bref Power bacteria &#038 is affected; Mold“. To detect the products involved are the production numbers. Those with the number “17” or “18” ends, the spray bottle should not be used. The code number is found on the back of the bottle to the bottle neck.

Affected bottles please do not use

“Even if you have used the product already and the bottle full appears functional, we want to ask you, nevertheless, as a precaution, to use the product more,” writes Henkel in a customer’s information. It should also not be tried, the spray head on the bottle to set up, if this is already de-energized.

Cleaners should not be used in the supermarket brought back

Henkel is asking customers who have one of the above-mentioned cleaner bought, to contact the in-house consumer advice. As compensation, each customer gets a voucher to the value of 5 Euro. According to Henkel, the callback will not be handled as usual through the place of purchase. Instead, the manufacturer asks the customer to bring the product to disposal at the local recycling or the recycling yard.

Skin and eye damage possible

If the cleaner gets on your skin or in the eyes should be rinsed with the site cautiously for several minutes with water, warns the manufacturer. If contact lenses are present these should be removed. If the pain subsides in the eyes after some time, you should contact a doctor, and the packaging or the label. (vb)

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