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Bounce your way to a toned bum and thighs with this rebounding workout

The gym is boring. Treadmills are tedious. Wouldn’t it be more fun if we could inject some childlike joy into our workout routines?

Rebounding could be the answer. Tough enough to get you breathless and work every muscle in your body, but fun enough to get you laughing like a maniac – you might find yourself quickly hooked by this bounce-based activity.

If anything can encourage you to get excited about working out it has to be the prospect of bouncing on a tiny trampoline with a club-worthy soundtrack. We’ll take that over hill sprints any day.

As well as the fun element, rebounding is an incredible way to tone your bum, legs and core – to keep your balance and power your body upwards you need some serious stability, and your lower body will be firing. It’s no wonder rebounding classes are booming in popularity in the UK.

Leigh Cronin is 53 and has arthritis. She is living proof that rebounding can have significant benefits for everyone – no matter your age or ability.

‘Somebody recommended I try Bounce – because it’s really good on the joints,’ Leigh tells

‘I came along to the class and for the first time in my life, I felt like I loved exercise.

‘I hate the gym, I have always hated exercising, but I just love the energy of Bounce. I love the girls here – they’re all brilliant. A lot of them are very young, but I feel really connected with them all.

‘It has helped me massively. In every way. My arthritis is really good at the moment. My legs are a lot stronger and I have so much more energy. If I don’t come for a few days I feel absolutely lost.

‘I think it’s a good way of exercising because it’s fun, there’s no high-impact on the joints, anybody, at any age can do this. It just makes you feel young. Honestly – I feel ten years younger.’

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