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Base fasting for your health

Table of contents

  • Base fasting – a mild, almost form
  • What is the base fasting is?
  • For whom the base fasting is suitable?
  • Base treatment: base fasting plus deacidification program
  • How does the base fast?
  • The nutrition to the base fast
  • Base Fasting – The Instructions

Base fasting – a mild, almost form

Many of the unfavorable habits that lead to discomfort and discomfort. It is usually the combination of poor nutrition, excessive eating, fast eating, insufficient movement, Stress, toxins of Pleasure (sugar, caffeine, alcohol) and drugs, which leads to Acidosis and then to health problems.

A regular de-acidification and detoxification is therefore now more important than ever. With cleansing measures of the body is relieved. It can remove stored metabolic waste products, onerous acids or toxic substances (slag) and finally, recover and regenerate.

It is often recommended to this end the fasting. The fast with juices, broth, or just water, however, is not suitable for all people. It requires high willpower and a strong circulatory. Also fasting should be done – if it is used for therapeutic purposes – at the best only in the company of an almost-doctor, or almost head.

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The base fasting, however, is to implement much easier and can also be used in chronic diseases with no medical assistance completed. Of course, the base fasting can be combined with other holistic measures, such as, for example, a slight colon cleansing.

What is the base fasting is?

At the base of fasting is usually practiced one or a maximum of two weeks – taking only basic meals, which consist almost exclusively of alkaline foods (fruits and vegetables). You can treat yourself to accompany massages, alkaline baths, or foot baths, liver wraps, or even a basic body and facial care. Of course, it provides plenty of movement. Like the real fasting hikes in the nature are also highly recommended.

For whom the base fasting is suitable?

Base fasting is basically suitable for every person. The base fasting can be from any adult as a pure health prevention.

On the other hand, of course, particularly chronically ill people can benefit from the base fasting. People with chronic diarrhea,bloating, or chronic constipation, skin problems, migraine, rheumatism and many other health problems rerreichen by the base fast, a relief and detoxification of your body. The supply of nutrients during the base almost a week is sufficient, and the metabolism is not stressed.

Base treatment: base fasting plus deacidification program

To strengthen the effect of base fasting, can be added to the base fast with a deacidification program. If you combine an alkaline diet (the base of fasting) with deacidifying measures, referred to as a base therapy.

The extent to which this is necessary, it can be different from person to person, depending on the degree of its Acidity.

With the help of the so-called acid-base Tests, according to Sander, you can determine how strong you are over acidified. We have presented the Test as well as the possible de-acidification programs here: The base therapy

How does the base fast?

At the base fasting is waived on all food, which could form acids in the body and metabolic toxins, consistently. The foods are all alkaline or base-forming (fruit and vegetables), or should at least respond in a neutral (oils and fats, such as Butter and cream).

By the total absence of acid-forming foods, the stored acidic metabolic waste products can be dissolved and excreted.

Many people not only suffer from over-Acidification, but also from a sluggish bowel not emptied fully, or chronic diarrhea. These issues can lead over time to a gut flora disorder and chronic inflammatory processes of the intestinal mucosa.

At the base of fasting is done now the first step, so that the intestines can recover, inflammation form and the intestinal flora can find your balance again. The usual base for almost a week is not enough for a gut renovation. A colon cleanse over a period of at least four weeks is usually necessary depending on the output state of the intestines.

The nutrition to the base fast

After the base almost a week, should be retained in any case a healthy diet. This diet does not have to be purely alkaline. However, you should follow the guidelines of the base excess diet. Recipes to this form of nutrition you can find in our recipe section.

An excellent introduction to the surplus base diet of our four-week Detox provides you with base excess and pure vegan and extremely delicious recipes. After the end of these four weeks, you are meals a professional in the preparation of base excess healthy and can no longer feed themselves now independently so that in the future a chronically wicked swallowed or overly acidic condition.

Base Fasting – The Instructions

Thus, while in conventional fasting completely on solid food, you can eat the base fasting with pure basic meals full. Perhaps this Form of fasting would be an Alternative for you?

  • To the base fast, there are numerous books with the corresponding instructions. You will find the right literature for example, here: how to base fast
  • A basic diet plan for 7 days, with the fast can carry out a one-week base at home, can be found here: Alkaline diet plan for detoxification
  • A list of alkaline and acid-forming foods, you can find here: The acid-base table
  • The best basic food here: The Top nine of the basic food
  • If you can’t get to the curve, or even not twice want to cook (on the one hand, for basic, on the other hand, for the family), then treat yourself to a base for almost a week in a base hotel. Here you will find a list of the appropriate hotel. There, you can usually log on just to a date of your choice, and get a basic all-round program.

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