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Barbara Palvin On Life As A Victoria’s Secret Angel: It’s Not Just Work

The newest angel in the paradise of Victoria’s Secret, Barbara Palvin is very much aware of what it takes to maintain that model body. As she describes it, “Being a VS model is much more than just work. In fact, it becomes a lifestyle.”

The Hungarian beauty who recently got her wings works out four times a week (sometimes every day) and follows an eating plan that works best for her body. Being a shy person, the 25-year-old doesn’t go for group fitness classes, but she likes to shed some serious sweat with her personal fitness guide in her home country. During the days when Palvin is in New York, she hits the celebrity-approved gym Dogpound where she does weight and strength training.

The star admits that having a workout pal makes it more fun during intense training sessions. For a while, she used to exercise with her good friend Alexina Graham who also models for Victoria’s.

As for diet, Palvin prefers the 80/20 formula which means 80% of the week is all about healthy eating that includes fish, chicken, vegetables and the rest 20% is spared as cheat days. About those high calorie treats that she indulges once a week, she considers it like having a fun time which is always needed (we definitely like this thought!).

Palvin is currently dating actor Dylan Sprouse (oh yes, little Zack from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody is all grown up now and is very much in love!). Ever since the couple started sharing the same apartment, homemade dinners have become frequent, and both of them share the cooking task from time to time. Although Palvin is the one who cooks more often, at times when she is stressed, her adorable beau doesn’t mind making some soup with meat and greens for pampering the lady love. Sounds like relationship goals!

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