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Healthy Food and Beauty E-commerce Platform Kazidomi Raises 6M Euros

PARIS – Healthy food and beauty e-commerce platform Kazidomi has raised 6 million euros in a funding round led by Invest For Jobs and FJ Labs.

The Belgian company, co-founded by Alain Etienne and Emna Everard in 2016, sells groceries online.

The business is based on a subscription model, with annual members benefiting from preferential prices, substantially less than at traditional supermarkets.

Kazidomi – which is primarily operational in France and Belgium today but delivers to 15 different countries – retails a curated selection of products: food, hygiene, wellbeing and home-care from numerous brands, including an eponymous label. The more than 3,500 products carried on the platform are validated by health experts and delivered to people’s homes.

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“Numerous parameters seduced us in the Kazidomi project,” Christophe Picard, senior investment manager at IFJ, said in a statement. “First of all, there is the concept: excellent, with a strong personal history and a very clear vision from Emma and Alain on where they want to be in a few years.

From Kazidomi Courtesy of Kazidomi

“There is also this clear impression of a united and motivated team around the two co-founders, which conveys strong corporate values, modern and in tune with our times,” he continued. “I also emphasize a governance of rare quality at this stage of a company’s development. Finally, the prospect for job creation obviously weighed heavily in our assessment of the dossier. This constitutes a very healthy cocktail in which we – IFJ – found ourselves and we wished to be able to support over time.”

IFJ is a Belgian investment fund focused on projects with a positive impact on employment.

New York-based FJ Labs investment fund specializes in digital platforms.

A private investor, with retail and finance expertise, entered Kazidomi’s capital in the most recent round of funding, too.

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