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This Man Was Circumcised By Mistake When He Went to the Doctor to Get His Bladder Checked

Just about everyone knows Miley Cyrus’ famous lyric, “Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days.” Yeah, it’s super inspiring and all, but some people who should not take comfort in Miley’s motto. I’m looking at you, doctors. Cue the story of a British man who went into the hospital to have his bladder checked—but instead left with a circumcised penis because doctors […]

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This New Electric Toothbrush Has a Game-Changing Feature

If you follow any lifestyle bloggers on Instagram, you’ve probably spotted Foreo’s popular ISSA toothbrush on your feed. With its streamlined design and bold colorways, the Swedish beauty-tech company managed to create a toothbrush that’s simultaneously effective and super-cute. We’ve raved about the ISSA before; we love that the soft silicone bristles are gentle on gums, ideal for anyone with receding […]