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Tired in spite of enough sleep? These are the reasons

In spite of sufficient sleep tired all the time Who is repeated after at least eight hours of sleep in the course of a day, always tired, should investigate the causes. Because the backgrounds can be serious. Eight hours per night are still considered to be the common recommendation of doctors when it comes to […]

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The Best Pre-Workout Snacks for Guys

It’s hard to perform your best at the gym or set a new PR when you’re stomach is growling. However, finding a good pre-workout snack can be tricky. Eat too much and you’ll feel sluggish; barely eat and you’ll be hangry. So what makes the perfect pre-workout bite? “There’s just not an easy answer,” says […]

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The Reason Why Chris Pratt Swears By Intermittent Fasting

There is no denying that everyone has been more concerned about maintaining a healthy body weight these days, especially our favorite Hollywood celebrities for whom it’s a necessity more than choice. One such trending method for weight loss is intermittent fasting which has become a huge hit among the stars who opt for a keto diet. The […]

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The Cutest Clothes on Amazon Right Now

Perhaps you’ve been there: You want to update your kid’s wardrobe for spring (or summer, or back-to-school, or what have you), but you find yourself absolutely dreading the act of shopping in a store. Even a jaunt to an old standby favorite store (hi, Target!) can start to feel formidable when you’re faced with the […]

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The MALE fertility diet from two medical nutritionists

The MALE fertility diet: As sperm counts plummet worldwide, two medical nutritionists explain what they tell patients who struggle to conceive Rob Hobson, a registered nutritionist for Healthspan, and medical nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer, look at the rise in male fertility  Research suggests that one in every seven couples may have difficulty conceiving In half […]