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The reason why your nipples get hard

Nipples can be awkward, to say the least. First, there are the potential wardrobe malfunctions that can occur (well, at least if you’re female and accidentally expose a nipple). Then there’s the fact that nipples sometimes get hard with no warning and, depending on what you’re wearing, might even be visibly erect through your shirt. What makes […]

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Lice: Not always itch the head

Every day many children, adolescents, and adults with head lice to put. Affected to recognize an infestation, usually on the itching – but not always, this Symptom occurs, explains pharmacist Petra angel-Djabarian. Man is the only host of the tiny parasites, which are preferably in the hair of a human being, and of whose blood […]

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Meet the all-female circus troupe flipping gender expectations

The circus might conjure up images of burly strong men, ringmasters in top hats and dainty acrobats in frilly outfits. But this all-female circus troupe is bringing something entirely different to the table. YUCK Circus is subverting gender norms through flips, tricks and frank conversations in their electrifying modern take on the classic art form. […]