‘Inactive’ ingredients may not be, study finds

Most pills and capsules, whether over-the-counter or prescription, include components other than the actual drug. These compounds, known as “inactive ingredients,” help to stabilize the drug or aid in its absorption, and they can make up more than half of a pill’s mass. While these components are usually considered benign, a new study from MIT […]

Health Problems

Study provides new insights into the role of aging in heart failure

A team led by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators has found that activity of an important signaling pathway increases with aging and with heart failure. In their report published in Science Translational Medicine, they describe evidence from both humans and animal models that increased activin type II receptor (ActRII) activity correlates with worsening heart failure […]

Health Problems

Family members could play key role in identifying dementia warning signs before diagnosis, new study finds

A new study has revealed that family caregivers and professional care assistants can retrospectively identify signs of dementia in those who go on to develop the condition, which could lead to earlier diagnosis of the illness. The research carried out by Birmingham City University academics Catharine Jenkins and Dr. Gerald Feldman could help people to […]