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How to Stop Farting During Sex

Among all the humiliating things that can happen during sex, farting might just top the list. It's inevitable, really. Sex involves all sorts of sounds: grunts, moans, squeaks, squeals, slaps, smacks—and yep, even farts.  So why do farts tend to strike in the throes of passion? “It’s normal for people to pass gas 10 to 20 times per day, and […]

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This Obscure, Potentially Dangerous Drug Could Stop Aging

Louis is a 27-year-old assembly-line worker in Three Rivers, Michigan. He has no health problems and rarely sees a doctor. Yet for a man in his prime, Louis thinks a lot about cheating death. He researches strategies online, and he even converted to a plant-based diet after hearing from a YouTube channel called Vegan Gains […]

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Want to save the planet? Stop trying to be its friend

A new theory suggests that we think of our relationship with the environment like a social exchange, leading to the belief that ‘environmentally friendly’ behavior can compensate for ‘harmful’ behavior. But unlike a social misstep, our environmental footprint cannot be smoothed over. Published in Frontiers in Psychology, the research reveals how advertisers, politicians and economic […]