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New details emerge on drug that may slow Alzheimer’s disease

A company that claims to have the first drug to slow mental decline from Alzheimer’s disease made its case to scientists Thursday, disclosing more results that may help explain why one study of the experimental medicine succeeded and another failed. Excitement and skepticism have surrounded aducanumab since its developers stopped studies earlier this year because […]

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‘My Weight Makes Me Feel Like A Drunk Driver Who Hasn't Been Caught—So I Went On "The Biggest Loser"'

Contestant: Kristi McCartAge: 32Hometown: Riverview, FloridaOccupation: Family law and estate planning attorneyStarting weight: 264 pounds I’ve steadily gotten heavier throughout my life, but I didn’t realize I had an actual problem until I had my first child 19 months ago. When I was breastfeeding and pumping, I was eating so much more than normal without […]

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8 Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Lazy Mamas

It’s that time of year again: Stores are blaring Christmas carols, Hallmark unleashes its annual onslaught of binge-worthy holiday movies, and Elf on the Shelf appears to act as Santa’s spy and tattle on whether your kids are naughty or nice. For some, the elves have names, have become bendy, move around the house daily, […]


FDA urged to investigate use of unapproved anti-opioid implant on prisoners and the homeless

BioCorRx bills itself as a developer of “advanced solutions” for alcohol and opioid addictions. But the California-based company has come under fire for plans to test an unapproved naltrexone implant on Louisiana prison inmates and homeless Philadelphians who are struggling with addiction, in violation of federal laws protecting human research subjects. Only one prisoner actually […]