Health Problems

7T MRI offers new insights into multiple sclerosis

Increased immune system activity along the surface of the brain, or meningeal inflammation, may be important for understanding how multiple sclerosis (MS) progresses from the most common and earliest form of the disease known as relapsing remitting MS (RRMS) to a secondary progressive form. The meninges are a thin, protective tissue that covers the brain […]

Health Problems

New way of measuring white blood cell function offers better insights to help patients with sepsis

Caring for a patient with sepsis requires walking a treatment tightrope. Clinicians must identify the pathogen that is causing a patient’s infection, carefully monitor the patient’s response to antibiotics and supportive measures and race against the clock to prevent potential organ failure and death. Most of the time, physicians can control the infection itself. What […]

Personal Health

New genetic analysis improves diagnosis of intellectual disability

Whole-genome sequencing can be used to diagnose intellectual disability more accurately than other methods of genetic analysis, researchers at Karolinska Institutet report in the scientific journal Genome Medicine. Whole-genome sequencing using analytical tools developed by the researchers will now be introduced for first-line clinical diagnosis at Karolinska University Laboratory in Sweden. “Recent technical leaps in […]

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Could YOU have 'new' type 1.5 diabetes?

Most don’t know it exists. Doctors often misdiagnose it. And it could blight the lives of 350,000 people. Could YOU have ‘new’ type 1.5 diabetes? NHS revealed hospitals are overrun with 5,000 type 2 diabetes admissions a day  Studies suggest close to 10 per cent of people with type 2 could have type 1.5  Misdiagnosis […]

Health News

We’re Celebrating New Victories for Animals in New York City!

blog_ny-victory_103119_main.jpg This week, the New York City Council passed several bold measures that will make a tremendous, positive impact on animals big and small! The Council approved legislation to:  Encourage pet adoption. Protect wild birds. Ban the sale of force-fed poultry products (i.e., foie gras). Protect carriage horses from working in oppressive heat conditions by […]