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This Simple Exercise Made My Vertigo Disappear

When I woke up to use the bathroom in the wee hours one recent Saturday morning, I knew something was off the moment I stepped out of bed. I couldn’t find my balance, and the room was spinning; it felt like being really drunk, only I was completely sober. I bounced like a ping-pong ball […]

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My day on a plate: Victor Liong

Chef Victor Liong, 34, shares his day on a plate. Victor Liong. 7.45am Two double espressos to start my day. 9.45am Another double espresso at work. 10.30am Half a dozen poached pork and mushroom dumplings in a clear broth with rice noodles. Noon I snack on offcuts of meat during lunch service. 4pm Staff meal […]

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My day on a plate: Khan Porter

Australian CrossFit athlete, Khan Porter, 29, shares his day on a plate. Khan Porter. 7am I kick-start the morning with a coffee, a banana and a greens powder supplement. 10.30am After my first training session, I'm starving. I head to a cafe to refuel with a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, mushroom and spinach. […]

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I Stopped Weekend Workouts Because of My Kids

When my twins were toddlers, I was pretty near fanatical about working out. The combination of needing an outlet after going from no kids to suddenly having two, and the fact that my 40th birthday was approaching, made me put fitness on the front burner. And it was great. My six-days-a-week exercise routine got us out of the […]

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My day on a plate: Ky Hurst

Athlete Ky Hurst, 37, shares his day on a plate. Former Australian Olympian and Ironman Ky Hurst,.Credit:James Brickwood 5.45am A mug of warm water with half a lemon squeezed into it. 7.45am After a 12-kilometre run, I have a bowl of Special K with coconut milk with my kids. 8.05am I sip on coffee with […]