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Money does make you happy, but only to a point

According to the 2019 World Happiness Report (WHR), there are three important factors for finding happiness. On a rainy Monday in Sydney, Dr Michael Mosley said he has learned them the hard way. “Lots of factors make you happy,” Mosley told the 1300-strong audience at the Happiness and Its Causes conference. "But the three most […]

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Working to the beat: How music can make us more productive

Music makes us happy. Listening to music produces dopamine—nature’s happy pill—in the brain. And music also makes us sad. Listening to Harry Chapin’s “Cat’s in the Cradle,” Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt” or just about anything by Hank Williams produces tears. In fact, music can evoke every emotion known to man. But can music also […]


Food or heart meds? Many Americans must make a choice

(HealthDay)—Millions of Americans with heart disease say they face financial strain because of their medical care, with some skipping meds or cutting back on basics like groceries. That’s the finding of a new national study of heart disease and stroke patients younger than 65—a group that’s too young for Medicare but often lack health insurance, […]