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Why holding a grudge is bad for your health

(HealthDay)—It’s surprisingly easy to hold a grudge, but whether it involves a friend, a co-worker or a loved one, it can fill you with bitterness, keep you stuck in the past and even lead to anxiety or depression. That means you’re the one suffering from the situation, and not necessarily the subject of your anger […]

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Guy Fieri Is Bringing His Chicken to a Town Near You

Tired of boring chain restaurants that leave something to be desired? Too many non-chicken items on the menu? Ready to book your one-way ticket to Flavortown and never look back? Well, we’ve got great news for you — Guy Fieri is taking his chicken tender restaurant, Chicken Guy, nationwide. View this post on Instagram Take […]

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The Breast-Pumping Solution You Need is Here

Searching for the best breast pump can be a daunting task. No matter how many reviews you read or recommendations from other parents you get, it’s hard to know which model will best suit your individual needs, especially when there are so many pumps to choose from. Well, take a deep breath — you know, […]