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Number of Vaping-Related Lung Illnesses Climbs to 530 People and Includes 7 Deaths

There are now 530 reported cases of severe lung illnesses linked to vaping as well as 7 deaths, the Centers for Disease Control announced Thursday, a steep increase from previous numbers. The federal health agency, which is currently conducting a large-scale investigation into the rash of lung illnesses nationwide, previously reported that they were looking […]

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Alabama High School Removing Bathroom Stall Doors in Attempt to Stop Kids from Vaping

An Alabama high school is removing the doors on some of their bathroom stalls in an effort to stop students from vaping. Gary Horton, the principal at Wilson High School in Florence, Alabama, told WAFF-TV that he decided to take the doors off some stalls in the boys’ bathroom after a student passed out while […]

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Teen Boy Developed Blindness from Junk Food Diet, Study Says

A teenage boy who subsisted almost entirely on fries, white bread and potato chips developed blindness due to his junk food diet, according to a new study. The extreme case, covered by scientists from the University of Bristol in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, occurred in a 17-year-old boy from the United Kingdom after […]

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‘Super Smeller’ Grandmother Can Detect Parkinson’s Disease by People’s Scent

Joy Milne has several titles. She’s a grandmother, a former nurse and — according to researchers and scientific journals — a “super smeller.” The 68-year-old, from Scotland, said that she’s always noticed when her patients’ smell would change during her years as a nurse. “They say [my nose is] somewhere between a dog and a […]

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Woman Thought She Had Water in Her Ear — Turns Out It Was a Venomous Brown Recluse Spider

For being “terrified” of spiders, one Missouri woman kept impressively calm after she found out she had one in her ear. Kansas City resident Susie Torres said she woke up one day this week thinking that she had water in her ear, describing a “swooshing” sound in her ear, CNN reported on Friday. “I woke […]

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A Man Died After Contracting a Brain-Eating Amoeba from a Water Park: What You Need to Know

Weeks after visiting a North Carolina water park, a man has died from a brain-eating amoeba, leading people to question the safety of the popular summertime activity. Eddie Gray spent July 12 at Fantasy Lake water park in Cumberland County, North Carolina with his church mission group. North Carolina health officials believe that he contracted […]

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Baby Rocks Out in Her Mom's Womb Giving the 'Sign of the Horns' During an Ultrasound

Two music-obsessed parents from East Sussex, England are raising a mini rockstar — and she’s been rocking out since before she was even born! At the 24-week ultrasound for their baby girl, the then parents-to-be Jodie Lee and David Langham were surprised and delighted to see her flash the rock and roll “Sign of the […]

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Couple Says Fertility Clinic Used Wrong Embryos and Wife Gave Birth to Another Family's Twins

A New York couple says that a Los Angeles fertility clinic used the wrong embryos to impregnate them, leading the wife to give birth to another family’s twins. They are now suing the clinic, CHA Fertility, who the couple say were aware of the mix-up and attempted to conceal that information. The couple, who chose […]

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Facebook Warehouse Evacuated After Mail Tests Positive for Poisonous Nerve Agent Sarin

Silicon Valley Facebook employees evacuated after a package sent to one of the company’s mail facilities tested positive for a poisonous chemical agent on Monday. Four buildings in Menlo Park, where the company is headquartered in Northern California, were emptied after a package was “deemed suspicious,” Facebook spokesperson Anthony Harrison told PEOPLE in a statement. […]

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Parents of 10 Year Old Who Died of Rare Condition Made Her Final Weeks Count: We Said 'Let's Have Fun'

Natalie Weaver thought she had more time with her daughter. “I thought we had at least a year – I really did. We had more adventures scheduled,” the 38-year-old mother of three tells PEOPLE. In January, Weaver and her husband Mark, 49, made the excruciating decision to stop taking extreme measures to prolong their daughter’s […]