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Mindfulness can help you get over your biggest fears

Mindfulness is all about being present and living in the moment. It can help to relieve anxiety and worry by altering your perspective. It basically says that thinking about your breathing, and the colour of the sky is better for you than spiralling into panic about the 800 unopened emails in your inbox. Which makes […]

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Melatonin may not help prevent delirium after heart surgery

Delirium is observed in approximately 15% of hospitalised older adults, and it is more common in the critically ill and in those undergoing major surgery, such as heart surgery. Studies have found that blood levels of melatonin, a serotonin-derived hormone, decrease following surgery and are lower in surgical patients who develop delirium. A new study […]

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Homework Help Hacks Real Moms Swear By

Yes, parents may be celebrating the return to school and the end of summer stress. But they may also be dreading the return of homework and the arguments, cajoling, and bribing that often comes with it. If you’ve struggled to get your kid to complete school assignments, you’re not alone. We asked real moms with […]

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Recognizing when your parents need help

Sometimes it’s obvious when older parents need outside help—like when they’re having difficulty managing numerous chronic illnesses or losing mobility and unable to maneuver well even at home. But mental problems may not be as easy to spot. For instance, is Dad’s forgetfulness—his misplacing house keys or missing appointments—normal aging or a sign of something […]

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Why low-intensity workouts could help you get fitter, faster

We’ve all heard of high-intensity interval training. It’s all the rage at the moment. Overwhelmingly quick, brutal, punishing classes that have you working explosively and using every muscle group in your body. While the benefits of HIIT are widely recorded, it’s also good to note that it doesn’t work for everyone. And too much high-intensity […]