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Cinnabon's Giving Away Free BonBites

Free bite-sized BonBites for you! Your mom! Your best friend! Everyone! No, seriously, Cinnabon has decided that on July 20, they’ll give away two-count sleeves of their bite-size cinnamon rolls at participating Cinnabon mall bakery locations — no purchase necessary. Show up and you might be treated to other small surprises, too. Taking place from […]

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Parents: Keep medical marijuana dispensaries away from children

With medical marijuana now legal in about two-thirds of U.S. states, there’s growing concern about how dispensaries may impact surrounding neighborhoods and communities. And parents in a new national poll overwhelmingly agree on one place dispensaries should not be allowed: anywhere near children. Seven in 10 parents think they should have a say in whether […]

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Cancer therapy rays that blast away heel pain

Cancer therapy rays that blast away heel pain which affects an estimated SIX MILLION Britons Plantar fasciitis affects an estimated six million Britons causing major pain Eight out of ten sufferers can end up unable to stand or even walk due to pain Doctors use low-dose x-rays to target the painful area to reduce inflammation […]