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Foot reflex zone massage – application and effect

Foot reflex zone massage

Anyone who has ever dealt with Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), will know that it includes a lot of treatment strategies that are based on the principle of Qi-flow. The doctrine States that in our body’s different meridians to allow the flow of life energy (Qi). Said interconnects (better than meridians known) can be stimulated in accordance with Traditional Chinese medicine, certain medicinal herbs, but also through specific manual therapy procedures, such as acupuncture, acupressure or massage,.

The reflexology massage focuses on the flow of Qi in the feet. With a targeted hand movements are to be stimulated, depending on the symptoms the meridians of various organs and their function will be cancelled. How exactly reflexology works and what health problems can treat, please see our overview of the contribution to the subject.

Table of contents

  • Reflexology foot massage for blood circulation disorders
  • Pain massage relief thanks to foot reflexology
  • Foot massage for digestive complaints
  • Reflexology for Stress and mental stress

The Feet – more than just a Run because

Our feet (Pes, plural: Pedes) is one of those parts of the Body, sometimes the most strained. Without him we could neither stand nor jump, or run, which is why he is the daily movement is essential. In addition, the feet of said movement sequences in addition to the weight of the body brace and are thus exposed to a huge pressure. So he can handle all these tasks easily, our foot is a highly complex structure:

  • The heel bone (Calcaneus) and ankle bone (Talus) Together with the lower-leg belonging to the ankle to form the heel bone and ankle bone, the ankle joint, which as a movable connector between the lower leg bone and the foot acts. While the ankle is the upper ankle joint, forms the ankle and the heel bone to the lower part of the ankle. For the rotation capacity, as well as the bending of the feet, this joint is essential, which is why it is a set of flexible bands is surrounded, which hold the elements of the Talus in its Position, but at the same time not unnecessarily stiff fix.
  • Navicular bone (Os naviculare), cuneiform bone (Os cuneiforme) and the cuboid bone (Os cuboideum): Together with the jump and heel leg form of these three bones to the section of the tarsal bones. They are located in the rear part of the foot and serve as a pivot and support surfaces for the surrounding bone structures. On the other, the Ends of different muscle to tendons anchored, which support the mobility of the foot.
  • Metatarsal bones (Ossa metatarsals): In the middle of the foot, between the tarsal bones and the toe bones, in humans, a total of five metatarsal bones. They form the Basis of each of the adjoining toes and allow the feet when you Stand, Walk and Run on uneven floor. To this end, the metatarsal bone is slightly fan-shaped struts.
  • Toes (Digiti pedis): The front portion of the feet or the front of the foot to form the toes. They are, in particular, for a fault-free Rolling of the feet when walking as well as stretching the feet is important. The toes can spread very flexible, bent and turned slightly. This particular flexibility through three joint sections in each toe.

In addition to the bony portions of the foot in lateral areas, as well as a front and back to divide. Here, one distinguishes the instep or dorsum of the foot to the upper foot to the sole of the foot, the foot side. The latter is in turn divided into the heel, the arch of the foot, the ball of the foot and the fußaußen edge. Not to forget the Fußnerven, which extend through the foot and foot muscles sensory supply.

The Fußnerven, in addition to the locomotion and of the support function, a further important task. Because the nerves are not only for the immediate motor reflexes of the muscles responsible, but also nervous to take commonly true impulses from all other parts of the body. Well watch it at the pain of sciatica, so pain in the sciatic nerve (Nervus ischiadicus), and sometimes into the foot may radiate.

The nerve arises from between the lumbar spine and the coccyx and extends from the hip to the thigh, where it finally, in a Nebenast, the peroneal nerve (Nervus fibularis), and a Main branch, the tibial nerve (posterior tibial nerve), divides. The tibial nerve then extends to the heel and sole of the foot, so pain stimuli from the upper region of the sciatic nerve is very easy to the feet. All of the sciatic nerve represents a signal node for interference stimuli, as they are associated directly with the spinal cord, and thus forms an interface between the Central nervous system and the Peripheral nervous system.

For a reflexology massage therapist it is important to know both the individual leg portions, but also the nerve connections between the foot and the spinal cord to be aware of. On the Fußsegmente distribute themselves, sometimes, depending on the left – or right-sided position of the foot, the different reflex zones of the foot. They are after the adoption of the reflexology in the feet located in the foothills of the sciatic nerve in a constant state of exchange with the nerves of other parts of the body and organs. Certain nerve reflexes within the reflex zones of the foot to be scored accordingly, as the signal stimuli from the respective reflex zone associated Organ. Similarly, certain nerves to the signals to the appropriate bodies forward, which, ultimately, is the meaning and purpose of the foot reflex zone massage.

What happens in the case of the foot reflex zone massage?

As the inventor of modern reflexology, the American doctor William Fitzgerald, which is today the method at the beginning of the 20th century. Century developed. He had observed the massage technique according to the information provided in the case of the native Americans, and according to the standards of modern medicine perfected. Later, the method was developed by the German naturopath Hanne Marquardt still more, which one is likely to suspect that it is the foot reflex zone massage is a massage procedure of a recent date. In fact, variants of this Form of Massage exist but have lasted much longer. Already in ancient Egypt, man knew how to massage after a reflective Schema.

In Asia, the special shape of the foot massage is even linked closely with the country of origin of Traditional Chinese medicine. The principle of foot reflexology massage, Qi-the teaching of Taoism, according to which the physical health of a trouble-free flow of life energy, the Qi, and stems from depends. The Qi-flow is regulated through the meridians – a body’s own network of energy paths, each of which has a specific body symbolizes. Through massage, acupuncture or even acupressure the said meridians can, according to Traditional Chinese medicine blockages in the Qi flow to dissolve and organ-specific health complaints fix.

In addition to the doctrine of the flow of Qi, the foot reflex zone massage is closely tied to a concept of a location-based breakdown of the Central and peripheral nervous system has – the so-called Somatotopie. This assumes that the anatomy of the body is reflected in the segments of the individual body or organ sections. This is best achieved on the basis of the sensory-motor Cortex in the brain to explain. It is located in the cerebral cortex and is responsible for the processing of signals, which Explore the haptic perception, so the perception through active, are recorded. The function portions of both Cortex halves are arranged so that each of the areas of their location are in the body next to each other accordingly.

It’s a similar story with the reflex zones of the feet. The head and neck organs, for example, of the upper toes are represented, which are thus understood as the apex of the foot. Connected to the upper body (Thorax) to the nearby organs and the abdominal organs, which by the mid-foot section to be reflected. The area of the tarsal, in turn, represents the hip and buttocks area. The delivery schedule can vary depending on the Reflexologe something, with a lot of mass to Orient your but in the raster image of Fitzgerald. Rough on the feet according to the principle of the reflex zone massage to the following breakdown:

The reflexology is now so that Fußreflexe in the identified reflex zones are also to be understood as reflexes of the associated organs or nerves. Accordingly, a targeted Massage of the reflex zones can achieve a positive impact on the functionality of the associated Organ and nervous sections of the act and an improved flow of Qi in this area. This requires the Patient to walk barefoot lying on a treatment or Couch, so that the Reflexologe can perform the appropriate massage techniques on relaxing foot.

The therapist los massage here, but not crazy about it, but foot during his treatment also of particular sensitivities in the reflex behavior of the Patient. This can give him an indication of which organs are particularly sensitive, and thus may be weakened or sick, which is why you need to be a particularly intense Stimulation.

In advance but must first be carried out once a detailed patient interview (anamnesis), in order to bring already well-known organ of the complaints and any contraindications. Then, the treated foot will Deposit on its temperature, as well as possible redness, swelling, and water retention (Edema) in a controlled manner. Only after a detailed investigation, the first hand-set handles distinguish between two different handle versions:

  • Toning handles: These handles are made of a circular motion with a little faster pace. You should stimulate the corresponding organs or to activate a resonance reflex. The pressure that is exercised for toning accessible on the Fußgewebe, can vary in order to produce stronger or weaker organ reflexes.
  • Sedative handles: These handles have a calming effect and are used in particular for the treatment of pain. The Masseur presses the treated reflex zone for so long without movement, until the pain subsides.

A single session lasts at the foot reflex zone massage about 20 to 45 minutes. In the case of specific health problems, it is advisable to book a week about two to three sessions, unless it is a very strong complaint to the image.

Oils for foot massage

As an aid can be in the foot reflexology is a special massage oil massage. It makes it easier for the Masseur only the manual processing of the foot, but also contributes to the well-being, since it makes Fußgewebe and massage therapist’s hands as smooth. In this way, handles the flow can be run, and a comforting heat that is produced by gentle friction between the hands of the masseur and the Patientenfuß. In addition, there are some special oil additives, good for the feet:

  • in the case of disorders of blood circulation in the foot: mugwort, Ginkgo, rosemary, juniper
  • in the case of foot and joint field horsetail, comfrey, juniper pain:
  • against sweaty feet: field horsetail, oak bark, coltsfoot, lavender, sage, willow bark
  • for swollen and tired feet: mugwort, comfrey, lemon balm, chamomile, mountain pine, evening primrose, peppermint, worm fern roots
  • against cold feet: mugwort, mustard flour
  • for painful feet: comfrey, mountain pine, lavender, peppermint, white willow ends

The bloodstream herbal oils can also be in the foot massage, help with specific health complaints. Herbs such as pepper mint or sage, for example, in the case of the common cold.

When can help a foot reflex zone massage?

Basically, reflex zone massage method of treatment of alternative medicine, which will replace in certain health complaints, although no medical or physiotherapeutic measures, but you can complement quite supportive.

Reflexology foot massage for blood circulation disorders

Especially in the case of circulatory disorders, this massage technique to be very helpful, because the feet are known to be the turning points of the blood circulation. No wonder, then, that any disturbance of the blood circulation often first in the feet. Because a good blood circulation, as well as a regulated blood pressure, is extremely important, so that the blood can be pumped from the lowest point of the body to the very top to the heart.
The same is also true for the hands, which, together with the feet are the farthest away from the body extremities. A crucial reason why there are reflex zone massage not only the foot, but also in the hand area.
Overall, the foot reflex zone massage

  • in the case of impaired blood circulation,
  • in the case of high blood pressure
  • and the diversion of vessel slag, for example, in the case of hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis),

be successfully applied.

Pain massage relief thanks to foot reflexology

Another health area, in the foot reflex zone massage on a regular basis, is the treatment of pain. Especially shoulder, back and neck pain, as they occur in the course of tension, according to the patient very well to the reflexology. All complaints in the area of the support and locomotor system, as well as the muscles and the nerves, a very high proportion of Visits to the Reflexologists. The list of possible diseases here includes:

  • Arthritis,
  • Osteoarthritis,
  • Cervico brachalgia,
  • Inflammation of the sciatic nerve,
  • Malformations of the spine,
  • Gout,
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis,
  • Scheuermann’s Disease,
  • Multiple Sclerosis,
  • Neuralgia,
  • Parkinson’s disease,
  • Rheumatism,
  • Shoulder-Arm-Syndrome
  • and scoliosis.

Also with a severe headache associated disorders, such as migraine for many patients a reason to allow a targeted massage to your reflex zones of the foot. Even menstrual pain can be alleviated by this type of Massage. A total of nervous disorders play a major role in the reflexology, because you can bring in addition to pain, the massive dysfunction of the organs and the muscles.

By the way: A secret tip for foot reflex zone massages are for persons with nerve paralysis. The sensitivity of the patient can not solve the feet are often very goal-directed reaches, removing a paralysis, but side effects such as muscle cramps or tension.

Foot massage for digestive complaints

An organ complex that is drawn, in particular, of nerve disorders affect, the gastro-intestinal tract. Its function will be largely shaped by the contractile ability of the intestinal muscles. In the intestine, for example, can go only a trouble-free digestion process, when the muscle contractions in the bowel to work muscles in a smooth and healthy intestinal peristalsis to generate. Inconsistencies in the signal line of the nerves often lead to

  • Abdominal pain,
  • Intestinal colic,
  • Stomach and intestinal pain,
  • Stomach cramps
  • and digestive disorders.

In addition, the stomach and intestines are usually the first organs that react to a sustained stress of the nerves. Pain and cramps, which lead to digestive complaints, duration of stress, therefore, is not unusual. The foot reflexology massage is able to ensure improvement.

Reflexology for Stress and mental stress

With acupuncture, a TCM treatment measure which is repeated in the case of stress and emotional discomfort to use already exists. Some even use it to counter sensory disturbances in the case of sea-sickness or fear of flying. A similar psycho-therapeutic effect should also have the foot reflex zone massage. Both the gentle treatment and the human affection of the therapist as well as the selective Stimulation of nerve reflexes to ensure that a lot of people with

  • Fear,
  • Panic attacks,
  • Burn-Out (Burnout),
  • Depression,
  • restlessness,
  • Phobias,
  • mental imbalance
  • and an enormous amount of stress in everyday life

the offer of a reflexology massage. The aromatic and soothing essential oils will be used in particular in the case of this type of complaints is crucial to the success of the treatment. This can occasionally even in the management of trauma seen, where foot reflex zone massage can sometimes be complementary to psycho-therapeutic care of trauma patients.

Contraindications for reflexology

The careful examination of the foot before the treatment in the foot reflexology well massage. There are some diseases where the symptoms can worsen through the during the Massage, pressure is applied. For example, in the case of existing vessel inflammation (vasculitis) of the case. Here, an additional pressure Vessel could lead to serious damage to the already damaged vascular walls. Other vascular diseases such as thrombosis, massages are a contraindication for Reflexology. You are one of the reasons for the feet before starting the Massage be studied to water retention, to rule out the possibility that at the foot of damaged blood vessels.

Since the foot reflex zone massage is intended to affect body functions such as metabolism, blood circulation, or the immune system, is an application in respective infections as well as autoimmune and systemic diseases is inappropriate. These include, among others:

  • Auto-immune diseases (for example, in the area of the skin),
  • Fungal infections,
  • bacterial infections,
  • Virus diseases,
  • Diabetes
    (especially in the case of a Diabetic foot)
  • and rheumatism.

In the case of existing injuries of the foot is also in sight of a reflex zone massage. The wounded Area may be in his healing process is disturbed. It is irrelevant whether it is severe fractures or superficial cuts and abrasions. In any case, the feet need to rest, to regenerate. In addition, may otherwise be in the Massage of irritating essential Oils or germs in the wound, massaged, which increases the risk of wound infection.

Chronic pain diseases, such as Sudeck’s disease tend to respond with aggravation to a reflex zone massage. The pain symptom associated with an extreme Hypersensitivity of the skin and limbs to touch, so massage strokes to provoke here, no improvement, but rather an intensification of the pain symptoms.

Completely reflexology massage are excluded in the case of an existing pregnancy. The Nervous contractions, which are guided during the Massage, aware, could labor, premature Pregnancy, and thus a miscarriage. This is especially true for high-risk pregnancies, i.e., pregnancies in which the mothers already have a higher age (35 + years), existing pre-existing conditions such as Diabetes or huge Overweight. Also Pregnant, taking medication or drugs and tobacco, consume, belong to the risk group.

In the area of mental illness people with an existing psychosis by a foot reflex zone massage should refrain. Unlike in the case of stress and mild psychological problems are psychoses, serious and profound mental disorders, in which certain manipulations to the nervous system could possibly trigger a psychotic break. Side effects such as hallucinations, delusions and perceptual disturbances are not excluded in this case.

What is there else to foot reflexology?

It should be noted that a foot reflex zone massage can in any case replace professional medical treatment. The Massage offers only a supportive treatment method for Symptom relief or to speed up the healing process. As there is also no conclusive study results to the medical efficacy of reflex zone massage, you need to be taken of the cost of treatment by the patients themselves. The health insurance company pays, unfortunately, nothing.

Leave a foot reflex zone massage only by qualified personnel. This includes Doctors, physiotherapists, belong to instrumental, masseurs and alternative practitioners with certified training. Lay people should not treat dear to the reflexology points around, since this may cause unwanted side effects. And even in the professional treatment, you should notify changes in the state immediately. Thus, it may outbreaks, for example, increased pulse, perspiration, dizziness, and Nausea come, when certain nerves are activated via the reflex zones. Give you more appropriate body responses so please be in detail to the Masseur, so that it can adjust its handles, or in the case of an emergency abort. (ma)