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Before the holiday to Vaccinate: Severe flu wave in Australia

In Australia, grass is one of the worst flu waves in magnetized currently, with so far about 200 confirmed deaths. Australia-travelers are strongly advised to leave before the journey Influenza vaccination, the center for travel medicine (CRM) in the current message.

In several States, including South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, have already been reported since April, an unusually high number of flu cases. Until the beginning of July, the country confirmed about 120.800 infections, to 2018, there were about 16.100. In the meantime, spread the flu wave over the whole country.

The flu season in the southern hemisphere is usually from June to October. Anyone who plans to work in the summer holidays, holiday in Australia, care should be taken according to the CRM necessarily a sufficient protection against Influenza. This applies, in particular, on cruise ships, Bus, train or air travel in organized groups of tourists or large-scale events. Especially for people aged over 60, the chronically Ill and Pregnant women are at increased risk for severe courses of the disease, will prior to travel, an immunization against Influenza, the departure is recommended.

Under certain circumstances, a refresher of the General vaccination as well as immunization against Hepatitis A and B, and meningococcal are advisable. Vacationers can indulge in the local pharmacy or your GP for advice.


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